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Welcome listeners: this is great wild once again coming to you from Wild cabinets and flooring and Poplarville Mississippi where a custom Cabinet Shop or also flooring dealer, we sell carpets for sale, any type of flooring. You may need for your home. We do ceramic tile, we sell and install ceramic tile. We sell hardwood floors, we install hardwood floors, we also sell vinyl flooring and the new floating vinyl flooring – 100 % waterproof vinyl floor would do a lot with that product. Right now it’s become a very big seller. Lately, it’s almost over taking the market were, as she used to be, people would buy laminate flooring. Everyone wanted the floating laminate floor because it’s starting to have a lot of problems with the peeking in the edges on the laminate flooring wearing out and the moisture and humidity down here really affected the laminate flooring and made it not a very good product for us Down here in the South, so they manufacture the floating vinyl floor installed. A lot like a laminate it just locks in together is very good for the do-it-yourselfer and its 100 % waterproof, so moisture doesn’t affect it. Water doesn’t affect it, it doesn’t swell or get ruined. If you mix pill or if you even had some flooding in your home, you can pull this floor up dry it out and reuse it, but hey that’s just some of the flooring that we sell. We are. Hattiesburg Cabinets We can provide installation for that cabinets Hattiesburg. We can provide full sales and installation of any type of flooring for your home. Well, so sell and install countertops formica countertops laminate countertops by formica Wilsonart. We here and house – and we have a countertop – saw – that we set the slabs up there and we do to cut work on them. We put your miters or 45 them and we also do all the cap work cut. Your sinkholes put build up on the counter tops and it would come in and install those in your home. That’S just a few of the things that we offer here. We also course do custom cabinets. We do we deal with the little prefab cabinet line that we as a very economical option for people that are on a very tight budget, but our main focus is on our Custom Cabinets.

We enjoy selling Custom Cabinets and building Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We like to have this offering because we know it’s a premium product we’re very proud of what we do. We put a lot of Pride and take a lot of time to build a good cabinet. Very nice nicely milk cabinet that we also finished well. We do all of our painting and finishing here in House at the shop, so we have full control over the finished product. We also use reputable installers. I myself will come out and do a lot of the installs on occasion to make sure that you get a quality install. So we have our hands on your cabinets for your dream kitchen from start to finish, all the way from the planning steps all the way through to the finished product, we’re involved 100 % all the way through cuz we want to wow. You are customers, those that have decided to spend their dollars with us, we’re very happy that you would do so. It’S it honors us we’re proud of the fact that you would spend your dollars here with us and choose us for your Custom Cabinets. So we don’t want to let you down we want to. We want you to be happy when it’s all said and done. We want you to be so excited that you’ll tell all of your friends about us. Hattiesburg Cabinets We want you to be very proud of your new kitchen, it’s a big investment or want you to feel great about it. We want you to leave me satisfied for many years to come, that you decided to use while two cabinets and flooring after lately on the podcast we’ve been discussing, what makes Wilds cabinets and flooring different and just to recap, we talked about the fact that we build 100 % real wood Custom Cabinets cabinets, no particle board, no melamine, no, no veneer. These are going to be all solid wood, real wood, Custom Cabinets. We also use 3/4 inch box construction. This is what makes it ideal for heavy granite and stone. Countertops. Also take the time to give you a free custom, 3D computer-generated design week. We lay all that imagery out as part of the design process. We take the time when we do your estimate to make a portfolio for you with The Witcher design. Hattiesburg Cabinets If you want to make changes, we come and sit at a desk. We have a table that we sit at with to computer and we can click and drag and move things around, and we like to take the time to do that. Hattiesburg Cabinets That’S another thing that makes wild cabinets Hattiesburg different, then some of our competitors now. Another thing we discussed today about what makes wild cabinets different than our competitors is a fact that we use a dovetail drawer box now or drawer box, there’s other shops or other cabinet shops that offer a dovetail drawer box, but typically local competitors that build custom cabinets. They just build a half inch stapled plywood box. They don’t use any type of joinery on their box and then we all know that people like the joinery of a dovetail drawer box that gives a nice dovetailed age. When you open your drawer, you see that nice dovetail on the inside of that box and it’s a symbol of craftsmanship because it takes time to do that.

It’S easier just to staple some piano, glue and staple some wood boxes together. That’S the easiest and quickest Production Way, but when you’re spending the amount of money you’re spending, you want to heirloom type prop. You want this cabinet to last a long time and you want to be proud of what you’ve got. People want to know that they’ve got something of quality. Hattiesburg Cabinets So when you open that drawer and see that dovetail drawer box, you know that time in Kerry went into the construction of that cabinet. I, like I said we’re not the only one to offer that, but the other place is like a home centers and do it yourself, cabinets Hattiesburg, they’re, going to offer these out of costly upgrade, in other words, are going to quote your cabinets. Tell you you’re going to get your estimate in and it’s going to be at the lowest price point and then, when you decide they’ll start trying to attack on and try to convince you to go with the dovetail drawer boxer doing it as a way to add. Prophet to there to the sale that they’re selling you on their cabinets and so they’re going to offer his upgrade and it’s going to cost you a good bit more money. We’Ve checked into that we’ve gotten bids from some of the Home Centers and we’ve seen that getting a dovetail drawer box adds quite a bit of money to your bid, but not with us. That’S just going to be standard and you don’t even have to ask for it. When you come in the order, your cabinets, Hattiesburg you’re, going to find that you just get a dovetail drawer box right off the bat. It’S not a great there’s, no hidden cost or no fees. It’S going to pop up later we’re not going to try to upsell you to a dovetail drawer box. Is it going to be automatic that you’re going to get a dovetail drawer box on your Custom Cabinets when you buy from Wilds cabinets and flooring? Hattiesburg Cabinets Also, just going to be standard on your Custom Cabinets is soft, close door hinges now soft close door hinges have been around for awhile and we we sold them for quite a few years, but we always did sell them as an upgrade. We sold them as an additional cost that you could get cuz. Not everybody was using her one at the soft close doors, but over the years has become more prevalent. It’S pretty common for people to want the soft closed doors. So when we quote a bid, we go and just figure the soft-close hinges for your doors and the price we just go ahead and throw that in as an extra value to your to your purchase with us. We want you to come away with the little more than what you expected when, when you buy from us, so we’re not going to charge you extra for a closed door hinges on use a concealed hinge.

This will be a hidden hands unless you specify otherwise. So you won’t see the hinge, but it it just operates back there quietly and when you go to shut that door is going to shut softly, it’s not going to slam course. We put the rubber bumpers on your door, so it gives you a nice soft close and then it there’s. No, no, no choice involved. It’S just a nice music. Nice quality go to your cabinets, Hattiesburg. So once again, just to recap the one of the Wilds cabinets and flooring differences when you purchase custom cabinets from Wild is that you’re going to get dovetail drawer boxes, standard and you’re. Also going to get soft close door hinges standard that you can also get soft-close drawer, drawer Glides to you, we’ve been including those mostly on our cabinets at a standard cost. Hattiesburg Cabinets So maybe another thing we can talk about is the soft option. When it comes to soft, close drawer Glides, we want to make sure that everyone out there can find us. We want to make sure that you have an opportunity to buy from Wild cabinets Hattiesburg. We want to make sure that you don’t miss out when you’re building your house or remodeling to get a chance to discover the Wilds difference. So look us up on the web at Wild. Cabinets.Com call us on our phone number 601-795-0305 or do a Google search for wild cabinets or cabinets, Harrisburg and you’ll be sure to find us there.