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Hello, everyone welcome back again to The Wilds cabinets and flooring podcast, we’re happy that you join us today. It’S a very beautiful morning this morning, here in Poplarville, Mississippi the sunshine and the weather is finally getting cool. We’Ve had some unceasingly hot weather for being the middle of November, we’re getting close to Thanksgiving and is still very been very warm and humid. We’Ve been waiting for some cold front to Come Thru, but we haven’t really got many cold fronts, but this morning is actually a little bit cooler and the humidity is a little bit less. So I think people will start getting into the holiday spirit around here. Usually, the weather has something to do with that people in south Mississippi when it gets us a little bit cold, everybody pulls out the sweaters and snow boots and hats. You think it was 20 degrees outside, but it’s not as probably around 55 or 62 will probably getting highs in the 70s today, which made for a nice pleasant day as long as the humidity is low but. Hattiesburg Cabinets Anyway, I wanted to get back with you today. We’Ve been discussing Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg, we’ve been discussing kitchen cabinets, Hattiesburg and we’ve been talking about the difference. When you choose to use Wilds cabinets and flooring for your cabinets. We are Wiles cabinets and flooring, I am Greg Wild and the owner and operator of Wilds cabinets and flooring and more locate down here in south Mississippi and the small town of Poplarville Poplarville is known as the blueberry capital of the South or Mississippi land for proud To be part of this community town of Poplarville, two people have been very good to us. Over the years we’ve been in business for around 30 years in her little over 30 years. My father, Thomas wild, founded this business him in my business over 30 years ago, and they built custom craft items made furniture. They built a lot of kitchen tables things like that, and they service to this area for many years. Hattiesburg Cabinets They also did a lot of furniture refinishing and things like that and sold some furniture as well, but slowly over the years changed and started, building more and more Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg and we started building and selling more entertainment, centers and big items like that and also Selling flooring we added flooring here after Hurricane Katrina hit.

We really want it more into the flooring business because there was a great need with all the houses that were destroyed and we were able to sell flooring to Poplarville. There was not a flooring store around Poplarville that time and we’re happy to be able to serve Poplarville and Pearl River County for over 30 years. So we’ve been talking about the difference. The Wilds difference discovering the Wilds differences, and so far we’ve talked about. How are cabinets are built out of one hundred percent real with you, a hundred percent real wood Custom Cabinets. We don’t use particle board or MDF, which most of the big box stores use for their cabinets. They can offer you a real wood cabin, but it’s done at a costly upgrade. It’S usually considered their premium line and that cost a good bit more money. Hattiesburg Cabinets But with wilds cabinets, that’s our standard line, there’s no other option. Hattiesburg Cabinets We don’t do cheap, particleboard and MDF. We don’t skimp when it comes to building your kitchen cabinets, we give you the highest quality. We can when you spend that amount of money with us. We appreciate your business and we’re not going to come corns on Need For Your Dream kitchen. We also talked about how we use 3/4 inch box construction. We build your cabinets lot of the shops, use, half inch or 5/8 plywood, or sometimes half inch, MDF or veneered MDF. These are products that are designed to look like wood, but when you cut into a more when they get wet they swell when you cut into him, you see it’s merely a hdf or MDF core, it’s like sawdust and that’s been made and put together, and so It’S a while its structure, it’s not a bad product, but it when it comes to moisture and humidity. Hattiesburg Cabinets It’S not doesn’t hold up well that in our area, is very important to stay away from products that don’t hold up well to moisture and humidity, especially in the cabinets Hattiesburg area. That’S been known to be a humid area and a lot of lot of moisture in the air at times, but today we’re going to talk about. One of the reason that Wilds is difference is different than other cabinet shops, so from our competitors is that we take great pride in the fact that we do custom 3D computer-generated designs. We have a designer on staff that can help you design your dream. Kitchen will use a very good software for our computer that allows us to put in your information that allows us to come out to your house and take field measurements.

And then we take those measurements and in input the information into the computer and we’re able to render a sketch for you and it’s a we can do elevation sketch elevations that look like your blueprints, where you can see all of your measurements and see the cabinet Layout from a front view, but we also can take care of you and make it a 3D rendering, so it looks like an actual representation and the customer can get a better feel of exactly what the cabinet layout is going to be in. This can often help you to judge distances and and sizes when you see it in 3D and it gets you a better idea of the scope and scale of the kitchen layout that What Makes Us difference in different than using that as most of the local competitors In our area, don’t use the software, they don’t take the time or had didn’t want to make the investment into the software to do this now, while they can be accurate with their measurements, and they can still provide you with the kitchen that you want it’s hard To know what you want until you see it a lot of times when we before we use the software would get something done, and customer wouldn’t realize how how tight and air you would feel or how close an upper cabinet was to another one when they wanted A little separation, maybe between that and a hood vent, or something like that. There’S scenarios where it’s hard to tell by just I’m just looking at a flat, drawing exactly how the scales going to be in this can help you to make decisions early on that will affect won’t cuz once it’s done it’s hard to undo. So we like to really get those problems resolved first with the 3D rendering in the drawings before we could possibly run into him on the job specially once it’s installed or are you in the middle of finally getting your cabinets installed, it’s nice to go and have Some of those problems resolved the front that way. You can be confident that, when we’re coming in with your cabinets, everything’s, finished and sprayed and put together lot of time goes into all that you don’t want to have to have those type of issues arise, cuz. It can it can be costly to correct, and it can also take a lot of time off your schedule to have to go back and fix. Things spell like, I said, a lot of the shops around here and the cabinets Hattiesburg places do offer 3D rendering, but most of those places that offer them are the all the pre fab shop started. The custom shops don’t offer a lot of that, and so is what happens is while you do have a design or trying to design your kitchen they’re still having to use the stock size? Is there still having to work with the prefab sizes, the cabinet?

So it’s not truly custom, so you end up with a lot of fillers and spaces and things and you having to just make things work that you know using a custom shop with the 3D rendering we can make those cabinets fit exactly to your space without any Issue at all, so we want to be sure that when you get your Custom Cabinets when you order your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, that you get a good 3D rendering and a free estimate from us at Wild cabin sweet, believe that’s one of the things that that you Will discover is the Wilds difference from other shops for believe that that’s one of the areas that sets us apart. These are custom 3D, computer-generated design, Hattiesburg Cabinets along with a hundred percent, real wood, Custom Cabinets and the box and trucks, and being three quarter inch box instruction. Now we want to be sure, no one’s left out your building, a house if your remodeling, if you’re a contractor, if you’re a homeowner, we want to be sure everyone gets an opportunity to use wild cabinets and discover the Wilds difference. Free estimate, it’s a no charge for us to come out. We will set up an appointment, will come out to your house and we’ll measure in Volo. Hattiesburg Cabinets Can we sit down and talk about the kitchen or for vanities? Whatever cabinets you may need will come back to the shop will sit down and spend time with you all at no charge. We don’t charge anything to do this or sit down with you. Instead, vestar time will do A3 3D computer-generated and they will give you your free estimate and then you can decide from there. I want you to come in. and deal with us and see that we are the best we feel like you, be happy to use. Wilds cabinets and flooring for your new kitchen cabinets so be sure to check our website while cabinets be sure to search estate, cabinets Hattiesburg and find us and get in touch with us and we’ll get right back to you. Pat. This is Greg wild. I’M happy that you joined us today and we’ll see you next time to discuss another of the Wilds difference when it comes to Custom, Cabinets and flooring.