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Well, good morning, once again, this is Greg wild, your host here, listening to The Wilds cabinets and flooring, podcast or happy that you could join us today, we’re going to talk a little bit more about cabinets once again and if you’re here listening today is because you Want to hear about cabinets and cabinets Hattiesburg, he want to hear everything there is to know about Custom Cabinets, and maybe you want to know about more information about countertops, discuss something that they will get into one of these topics. I’M going to give you a formal introduction of myself for those that are new to listening. My name is Greg wild wild, no e on the end of it. People want to put AC on the end of it as wild, just like just like wild wild and craz of course. We’Re more mild. Tell people I’m more Greg mild, but anyhow we own and operate Wilds cabinets and flooring where located in Poplarville, Mississippi I’ve been married to my lovely wife Robin for 20 years. We have 4 Kids, the attessa Terrell in Jasper and William is two girls. Hattiesburg Cabinets We raise them right here on our property in Poplarville: have our shop up near the highway on our property, so I’m close to work. I’M able to work often work a lot of hours yet still see. My kids still see my wife wear a family-run business. My father also works in the business. He founded the business back about 30 years ago. Can my mother and she has sent retired from the business, but my father still works in the business for the long side of me and he can handle the big part of the construction of the cabinets. We’Ve been happy to serve Poplarville for nearly 30 years and we look forward to serving Poplarville and the surrounding areas for another 30 years. We’Re excited to be able to offer Poplarville and cabinets Hattiesburg Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg Cabinets we love what we do. We love to sell and design and build custom cabinets for your home. We enjoy the process of seeing an old kitchen turned into a beautiful new kitchen or no kitchen at all out of case of a new construction, you have a big empty room. New sheet new painted sheetrock and maybe no flooring down – and we come in and transform that space to have a new flooring and new cabinets and actually make it a kitchen that you can be proud of and more people love their kitchens.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home: it’s where the family tends to gather more so than informal dining room seem to have fallen out of favor somewhat, but people will gather in the kitchen while whoever is doing the cooking. Sometimes it’s the mother doing the cooking, but now these days a lot of the fathers like to do the cooking. The family stand together in the kitchen and we like to try to make your kitchen a special place for your family together. Now, there’s a lot of options when you’re shopping for cabinets, we feel like we offer the best value. We’Re happy to tell our story or proud of the fact that we offer a truly Custom Cabinets for a reasonable price. Would think that you get a lot of value? Hattiesburg Cabinets A lot of that value comes from the service that we offer. We wish drive and work hard to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their projects when we’re done with them. With that we’re strive to stay on time and on budget, we also work very hard to handle customer complaints. If any issues arrived with your eyes, we do not run from them. We don’t pass them off, we don’t we don’t get aggravated like some contractor seem to do and try to do. You know just make life easy for ourselves and get the money as fast as possible. We like to try to address every issue that arises and be sure that the customer is completely Satisfied by the time the job is complete that helps us stay in business for a long time. It be hard to stay in business for 30 years. Hattiesburg Cabinets If we were not satisfying customers all these years, so we want to be here another 30 years, so we work hard to make sure we continue to make our customers happy on their cabinets Hattiesburg and on their flooring. We try to make sure that everyone satisfied with the work that way. So look us up. Let us build your Custom Cabinets. If you’re in the market for cabinets, you may want cabinets built how you want them, we want to do it your way and you can get those cabinets 42 inches high for your upper cabinets. Hattiesburg Cabinets You can we build a 36-inch upper cabinet height. You can get them in 30in and those are all standard Heights when it comes to upper cabinets for kitchens and even and even some bathrooms. Maybe the Johnny lockers, maybe a little bit smaller, not quite as tall, but those are standards and just about any cabinet that you were going to come a no standards, but we also often get people that want to off something, not standard. That’S when you run into the benefits of having Custom Cabinets, for instance, we’re doing a house right now where the ceilings are like 96 in, but they want the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling with a shorter than 96 in actually they’re.

Only like 94 inch Sony will you put a 42 inch cabinet up there to go all the way to the ceiling, maybe trim it out with some crown or you have to go with a 36 inch cabinet. That’S going to leave you a lot of space in between these customers didn’t want any space they wanted to go to the top, but a 42 inch cabinet would be too tall to do that says what we can do. We can build that cabinet to any size. Hattiesburg Cabinets They needed to be so we built them. It’S a 40 40 inch cabinet in the 40. Inch cabinet will make us 12 hours to be able to install the cabinets to the ceiling and putting crown molding up there, and they won’t have a gap there, and so the customers going to get what they want and get the looked at they want, but they Would never be able to do that with a prefab cabinet torn RTA cabinet because they’re not built to anything off standard sizes. Another example would be sink bases, Standard sink bases, come 36 inch wide sink base, but it’s rare. When it comes to prefab cabinets or stock cabinets. We can build your sink based any size. Hattiesburg Cabinets We want to. We done 40 inch sink bases. Sometimes, when you use a larger sink base to be able to hold bigger sinks and a lot of times, people are wanting to use for Farmhouse Sinks are real popular right now, so a lot of times we’ll put a bigger cabinet or to a totally modify that Cabinet for that front, apron on the farmhouse sink, it’s easy for us to do, because we do it all the time. It’S no problem that we don’t have to stress about it. We don’t have to you, don’t have to stress about it. You can just show us the space that you want filled with cabinets show us some pictures. If you want to how you want to look and we do it, it’s a simple as that we don’t have any trouble doing that. So that’s you can get a fully custom Cabinet. That way. Also a lot of time is typically Corner cabinets on. When you buy stock cabinets, a custom cabinets, we can make those Corner cabinets whatever size. They need to be to fit your space as well. So it’s not an issue there either. Sir, that’s one of the benefits of Dude using custom cabinets Hattiesburg, that’s one of the benefits of using a custom Cabinet Shop. Rather than going and pick it up cabinets from one of the Box. Big box stores are Home Centers and that you’re going to be limited on what type of cabinets you can get.

Even with a custom Cabinet you’re not going to be limited at all I’ll, be able to make your dreams a reality, will be able to design and build the perfect kitchen of your dreams, and you won’t be held back or limited by selection or color. You’Ll. Be able to get any color cabinet that you want, you can have them stained, or should I have them shiny cabinets or have a dull finish? It doesn’t matter whatever you want when it comes to cat custom. Cabinets were happy to happy to oblige you and we actually enjoy doing that. It’S not a we love to make the customer happy and provide you with the Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg that you want. We don’t we don’t want to find it stressful. We don’t. We don’t consider that all we’re happy and we love to provide Custom, Cabinets and flooring built and designed the way that you want them now. How can you order some Custom Cabinets she might ask. You may want to know how you can get you some Custom Cabinets. You might be building a house, you might be remodeling a house and maybe you haven’t purchased Custom Cabinets before maybe you’ve never Dante the process, maybe you’re intimidated by the process. Well, we want you to understand that will make it easy for you all. You have to do is find our phone number, which is 601-795-0305. You can look us up on that. The web. You can go to our website, that’s www wild cabinets.com. You can go there, you can do a Google search for cabinets, Hattiesburg and search that and we should find our website there any way you’ll go to our website and you will fill out a form. A contact us form in form says you’re interested in cabinets. Then we’ll get that information here and then someone will contact you very quickly to find out what you need and arrange to come out and get started the process of building the kitchen of your dreams.