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Welcome again to Wild cabinets and flooring, podcast, I’m happy that you decided to join us today, we’re very excited to be a law for you, Custom, Cabinets and flooring at reasonable prices and top-notch service. I am your host. My name is Greg.. I am great wild. I’Ve been in the cabinet business for many years are. Business has been here for 30 years, we’ve been in Poplarville, Mississippi the whole time I was raised here in Poplarville Mississippi, since I was 5 years old or family moved here from New Orleans back in the early 1980s. I was just five started: kindergarten Here in Poplarville, so I’m pretty well raised in Mississippi and. We love our town of Poplarville and we’re also happy that you have decided to listen to us today. We talked a little bit last time about the process of ordering cabinets when you’re building a new construction. When you have a new house or you just have new plans that you want to get prices from us on cabinets. We do that at no charge, we offer free estimates and the free 3D rendering of your kitchen, and you don’t have to have your house yet for us to do that. Hattiesburg Cabinets we can actually take that just off of the prince. If you have a set of blueprints that we can take some measurements off of will bring your blueprints here by the shop and we can put them on our way of a large table we can set them out on. We can look and go over all the information that you want to give us about how you want your kitchen look or find out what kind of door style you may be interested in and what kind of color you may like and get an idea of what Type of countertops you’re going to go with and we’ll take all that information and one of our agents will sit down at the computer and we can put that information in the computer and we can do you a sketch and a 3D rendering of your kitchen and you’ll. Actually get to see your kitchen come to life and prahlada new, Hattiesburg Cabinets first-time home builders, because it’s hard to visualize things when there’s nothing but a slab out there on your property, you may have some dirt work brought in.

Have your lot cleared all the sudden, you see your blueprints turn into a slab on the on the property is very hard to tell then they’ll start framing up your walls with which it to buy for framing and still it’s hard to see what how it’s even Going to be a house, but especially what’s your kitchen might look like it’s very hard to visualize, just with a sketch on paper, but when we do a 3D rendering you can get a real good idea of what your kitchen is going to look like to scale And it really helps to be able to decide what you want by looking at that 3D rendering and cabinets Hattiesburg. So we talked a little bit about that. On the last episode. We talked a little bit about the 3D rendering before already, Hattiesburg Cabinets but I think we were at the point where your framing was going up. We had given you an estimate already for your cabinets, Hattiesburg we had given you the free estimate, the free 3D rendering and now the time you would. Let us know that your stud walls are up and we can ride out to your location, to the job. For a ride out to the house site and we’ll come out there with our tape measure and we’ll go ahead and actually get all of our exact measurements now you’re Prince should normally be pretty close, but a lot of times. The builders will make a little bit of changes or you may decide to make some changes, and so you may want to move cabinets Hattiesburg or you may want to change, or things might be located. So by the time those changes will be made on the Fly. Hattiesburg Cabinets Nobody made kind of after-the-fact and they won’t be noted on the blueprints. So we come out and actually take field. Measurements will be able to know it. All of those things will come out and take those measurements, and any changes that are made will make a note of that and come back to the our showroom will come back to our office. Is here and we’ll put that in formation into the computer to make those changes will then submit to you another set of drawings based on those changes for your approval, Hattiesburg Cabinets along with the final estimate, this will be our final bid after we’ve gotten all the information from You of whatever extras you may be interested in, like additional Hardware, are you made one pull out spice racks or things like that trash can pull outs are also pretty popular.

I will talk in another broadcast about all the options that you can have for additional options. When it comes to your cabinets, Hattiesburg, you can add many things, you can add all types of spice drawers and all anything you can imagine. We’Ve done silverware canisters, which is actually pull out with canisters that you can have like your long, spoons and forks and things set down in pretty neat. There’S a lot of different options, spice racks and things like that that you can get Pantry organizers but we’ll sit down and go through that information on additional Hardware on another show. So once that’s what’s get back to what we were discussing, which was your cabinets Hattiesburg that have been for new construction, that you’ve decided to come in and take up prints off of the blueprints and then will come out to do to feel measurements. And then we come back to the shop, make the changes submit those changes to you get any extra information. We may need from me and then submit our final estimate and then once you submit that final estimate, if you approve it good, we’ll go ahead and get that deposit will set a calendar date to begin construction on your cabinets will get a deposit. So we can order the material and have all the material coming in soon as soon as it gets here gets here we can begin construction, your new cabinets woohoo. If you did not approve the bid, you can. Hattiesburg Cabinets Let us know why, and we can also work together to try to make things. Maybe it’s out of your budget. We can work together to try to make the cabinets fit in your budget. We can make minor changes and things maybe to rain and some of the cost not having a cut corners on the quality, and we definitely would never cut corners on the service that we provide. Then we would want you to approve everything. Then we would start construction. Will keep you up-to-date on the construction process as we’re coming along? We also would probably contact you at different times throughout the process. If we have additional questions on things that may arise and that’s always, we try to keep a very open relationship and communicate with our customers and we’re building their cabinets Hattiesburg throughout the process. So just to recap, you save all new construction ordering cabinets new construction. Hattiesburg Cabinets Don’T have any fear you’re going to be in good hands with wilds cabinets and flooring. We’Re going to take care of you we’re going to stay in touch with you for a reputable company. You can read all the reviews and see that we’ve been around for many years, so you don’t have to worry about us, taking your money and running as you have to worry about what some fly-by-night contractors or not we’ve been here in Long established in the community. So you can trust that we’re going to treat you correctly so you’ll bring your prince in it with no charge you’re not going to have to pay any money up front.

You just bring some prints by and we’ll do it take off of those prints will do a free 3D rendering of those prints. I will talk to you a little bit more about our services and what we have to offer and what the Wilds difference is. Why you should consider, while it’s cabinets, Hattiesburg, why you should consider doing business with us and then we’ll give you a free estimate. It will take that Testament taken off of your prints off your blueprints and then once you once, your house is nearing actually getting constructed and the contractors have poured the slab and maybe the framers have framed up the house. That’S when we’ll ride out will come out to your house and do the field measurements like we discussed, will come back to the shop and do the drawings like we discussed and then from there we’ll turn in that estimate, then it’ll all be just a matter of Getting started and yes, of course you have to be sure you pick a color for your cabinets. You have to be sure you pick the hardware for your Custom Cabinets and all those things, but will begin construction s, Custom, Cabinets, you’ll, decide. If you want 36 inch uppers you’ll decide. If you want 30 inch uppers go to side what type of cabinets you want. If you want to go with oak cabinets or hickory cabinets, you may decide that you want to use maple cabinets Hattiesburg. You may decide that you want to you just a painted cabinet. Maybe you want black cabinets or brown cabinet. That’S not a problem with wilds cabinets and flooring or happy to provide you with a fully custom Cabinet and don’t forget, we also sell flooring. So you may decide that you want to do some hardwood flooring. You may also want to buy some vinyl plank. Flooring is also very popular right now: countertops we can do countertops, formica, countertops and Wilsonart countertops sweetie. All types of prefab tops for your kitchen for your Custom Cabinets and for your kitchen. We want you to be able to find this. We want you to go to our website. I hope that you referred to locate us. I hope that were very accommodating. Hattiesburg Cabinets We try to be very helpful to our customers. You can go to our website as wild cabinets.com plus www. Wild cabinets.com, we’re located in Poplarville, Mississippi or phone number is 601-795-0305. You can also find this on the web. If you do a Google search for cabinets Hattiesburg, all you have to do is search cabinets Hattiesburg and we should come up. Our website should pop up, hopefully on the first page, if not just type, in Wild cabinets in your search bar to go there and fill out the information form and fill that out will contact you just as soon as we can and get to get with. You very quickly to get the process started on your cabinets.