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Good afternoon listeners this is Greg wild, I’m with wilds cabinets and flooring. I am your cabinet extraordinaire, your custom Cabinet Guru, anything you need relating to Custom, Cabinets and cabinets Hattiesburg. We want you to check with wilds cabinets and flooring. We have the staff here. We have people on staff that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a kitchen, we want to reach as many people as we can through the Hattiesburg area, all the way down to Gulfport and the Gulf Coast through Picayune in Poplarville, and don’t forget Wiggins Over there we love doing business in Wiggins and also with our Louisiana customers in the Slidell area and the Covington Mandeville area. Hattiesburg Cabinets We’Re always happy to provide those folks in those areas with our services. We want to reach as many of them as we can with our products and services. We’Ve been talking a lot about one thing: pretty much we’re pretty well always talk about your favorite thing and that’s cabinets. We know that you love to talk about Custom, Cabinets and cabinets Hattiesburg you like to hear me, go on and on about cabinets and all things vanities and laundry rooms, cabinets for any area of your home or office. We know that you just love to hear me. Talk about those things, or else you wouldn’t be here. Hattiesburg Cabinets So if you hear this, you might be in the market for Custom Cabinets he may be in the market for kitchen cabinets, we’ve been talking a lot about the different types of wood species that you’re able to use, and I want to talk today about an article. I read on towels dot-com and it’s about the four things home buyers really want when it comes to their kitchen cabinets and they claim to know what the four things home buyers want. When it comes to kitchen cabinets – and they may know, they may have a good idea on these articles written by kitchen designer and she’s said she knows what the homeowners one when it comes to their custom cabinets Hattiesburg and for their kitchens, been a great kitchen design. Can really increase your pop property value if you’re trying to attract buyers potential buyers? Your kitchen is the perfect place to put your money rather than putting money in areas that are known to decrease the value, Hattiesburg Cabinets or least likely decrease the likelihood of your selling your home.

Such as a swimming pool, which is a mistake, a lot of people make trick, is to get the house to appeal to as many people as possible by spending your money and places that you know more people want than what they want and a home in the Kitchen cabinets can attract the right buyers, know, there’s four key factor. She says that we need to consider when it comes to the Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg and that’s the quality of the cabinets, that’s a symmetry, the color and the layout of the Custom Cabinets. If you get all that right, you bound to have a higher home value, she states now. The number one thing she talks about is the quality, the number and the quantity of Custom Cabinets you have or cabinets. In general, she go to prefab cabinets, not necessarily custom Cabinet, but a prefab cabinet. It’S not as important as how good of quality the cabinets are. Sometimes adding fewer cabinets to your renovation can make it less expensive and can still provide a nice layout for your home. Hattiesburg Cabinets So definitely go with the quality cabinet over having more cabinets so, rather than have a lot of cheap cabinets, a lot of junkie, prefab cabinets, doing choose a higher-quality cabinet, maybe spend a little bit money on that type of camera itself, but use less less is more /Bin/Sh.02 for your Custom Cabinets according to this article and she states that you do need to choose good quality hinges. I do agree with that. At Wiles cabinets we do provide good quality, fully adjustable soft-close hinge with every door automatically. It’S not an upgrade and soft-close drawer, Glides and custom-made cabinets, which is what we offer here. So she just gave us a good recommendation. This lady doesn’t know us, I’m sure, but she’s vouching, for the idea that custom cabinets are going to be your best choice when it comes to you adding things that a buyer may want in the home – and I don’t want it comes to Quality, Hattiesburg Cabinets it is go For Lord’s fillers and ill-fitted modular Cabinetry she’s talking about prefab, you know a lot of times prefab cabinets and after use a lot of filler strips cuz. I have to make certain size cabinets fit in the area and you have to use fillers a lot of times when you go with the prefab cabinets or modular cabinets to make that happen Dark Horse RSM.

It recommends keeping the cost down of your cabinets, Hattiesburg by keeping the amount of cabinets that you have down design your kitchen layout to be bright and light with an open plan Without Really cramping up with a whole ton of cabinets, and I agree with that. One of those you can do is talk to a kitchen designer about to Quality materials you’ll be using. You can talk to Kitchen designer to help you with that layout help you design the kitchen that you wanted for your home recommend staying away from an excessive amount of organizers, internal organizer, just pull out cuz they’re they’re great for your personal kitchen, but they’re little bit. Personal as far as some people, like I’m some people, don’t so, if you’re really just fixing your kitchen up to sell, I would try to make it a little bit less personal. I agree with her there and then the internal drawers and pull out some things to do at a lot of extra expense. That’S money that you can use on other areas of the property, and it’s really not going to get your value back out of that military. She talks about is keeping things symmetrical when you’re renovating to keeping things you know how elegant and appealing a simple design connect we can help you do that to went with the cabinet layout for your Custom Cabinets in your kitchen. You don’t want things. People like things open and Airy right now, the style, maybe that’ll change one day but seems like right now. Keeping things open and a little bit minimal is going to be a good way to appeal to more buyers, and you do want to keep the wall sizes of cabinets the same wherever possible. Go with bigger size drawers when you can. She recommends, if you have multiple sets, keep them symmetrical the same size, so she’s talking a lot about keeping things that symmetrical as possible and not keeping things really changed up a lot as far as varying sizes. Kind of keep the look nice and consistent through the whole Space, Hattiesburg Cabinets and she recommends also keeping it bright and light and Airy. But you know a lot of whites and colors like that. Are good choices for that heavy dark custom. Color cabinet colors are not really in right now course. I could always change to you with the trends for your Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. Certain things bright and light with the cabin is Grey’s are still in style. If you go darker colors, maybe you should go darker on your countertops and backsplashes would be an option to do so, but she said to stay away from dark cabinets which make the space feel closed in. Of course, you got to keep in mind that lighter cabinets white cabinets are going to be a little bit harder to to keep clean. She also recommends designing your kitchen to have an open layout, which we can help. You do that with our designers that are on staff, Peter Wilds cabinets and flooring, so keep an open-plan open layout.

Not too cramped is a good way to do your kitchen design, your kitchen remodel. So don’t the clothes things in and keep things to tighten closed and keep it open and Airy for your Custom Cabinets overall. I agree with a lot of sentiments she places in this article, and this was a referencing, the house article said she will. He would like more information about the article I can get that to you or you can just search on house for that. We want you to be sure if you’re in the market, to remodel your kitchen or in the market, to build a home or do some changes and Renovations that you’re able to find us at Wild cabinets and flooring so be sure to call her phone number. Hattiesburg Cabinets That’S 795-0305 area code 601 for me sure to visit our website or do a Google search for cabinets Hattiesburg on your search bar and we should come up while cabinets.com visit our website at wild cabinets.com or you can check out our Facebook page. Would you have a Facebook page with job photos and reviews, and things like that on there, so you can check out but get in contact with us so that we can contact you and begin the steps towards doing your kitchen renovation in kitchen, remodel.