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Oh hello, hello, podcast listeners, we’re very excited that you’re joining us today and buy us I’m talking about myself and my lovely wife and partner Robin. How are you doing today, Robin great happy to be here Robin? Can you tell the listeners a little bit about our company, sure and flooring and where located in the Buick will provide custom built cabinets and we also sell and install all types of flooring we service south Mississippi, including the Hattiesburg area today, will be talking about why Custom Cabinets, custom, cabinets Hattiesburg. Well, I was going to ask you what we’ll be discussing the day, but you went ahead and told us we will be discussing today. So it’ll be talking about why Custom Cabinets I want to be talking about Hattiesburg cabinets, okay. Hattiesburg Cabinets Well, that’s a good topic for those looking for cabinets, including the Hattiesburg area. So it’s get into it a little bit of Play-Doh said a good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers. Now, I’m not so sure played. I was talking about Custom Cabinets when he made this quote, but I’m not really exactly sure what he was talking about, but I’m certain it wasn’t cabinets, but one of the things we can take from that is. We need to make a decision based on knowledge of the facts and information, rather than just looking at the numbers, rather than looking at the cost involved, Hattiesburg Cabinets rather than looking you are going with the cheapest thing possible. Maybe we need to find what the actual value is in the cabinets that we buy, and so, if we want to really get into discussing Custom Cabinets versus other types of cabinets, we need to look at what other types of cabinets are out there that you could Buy rather than just Custom Cabinets, so what other kind of cabinets do you know about Robin? Well, you can just go to the big box stores in and purchase the cabinets that they have on show their the the model cabinets that are pre-made free put together. You just there assemble ready at home, but they’re not a pipe quality yep.

That’S the one! That’S some options and a lot of times when you buy cabinets that aren’t custom, you’re buying something that’s been manufactured overseas and may have been built in China. You know it doesn’t have a lot of the safety standards with the finishes and things that you might find with a cabinet, that’s built in the United States and then buy it being custom. You can lot of times have some say-so in to what those finishes are going to be that you want so Rotten Tomatoes may look nice, you know for a while, but they’re not going to last long term and then you’re going to end up spending more money To have to replace those, you know and change up, you know your whole kitchen versus you know just getting what you’re getting what you want. You know what you want, and people in the Hattiesburg area, Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg that are there looking for cabinets; they they want. What they want in their kitchen and a lot of the cabinets that aren’t custom, you have to pick from sizes. That’S already been built, they’ve already been pre-made. Hattiesburg Cabinets So when you go to design your kitchen you’re having to select from certain sizes and then you not exactly getting what you want, so you may want to a 40 inch sink base to fit a special scene rather than just a standard 36-inch sink base. Or you can’t find that in and a prefabricated cabinet also, you might want, you know smaller cabinets or you might want 42 inch tall cabinets. I’Ve seen a lot of the prefab or import cabinets. Don’T come in 42 inch tall cabinet, so you’re. If you’re really limited on what you’re able to purchase and with the with a true custom Cabinet, you’re you’re actually able to get exactly what you want and also you know you going to spend a lot of money on cabinets, a lot of time cabinets aren’t.

I have a little stat here. In 2016, the average cost of kitchen cabinets for remodeling was ,900 to ,000. That’S according to HDTV. Now you know ,000 is enough huge amount of money, and what time is it in new construction that would probably actually be talking about when people are remodeling our kitchen, if you going to spend ,000 on something you don’t want to be stuck with having to pick From four colors, you know where six colors and two door style so they’re, really boxing you in and making you purchase things. It’S not exactly your dream kitchen, but I mean ,000 to a lot of families is a lot of money. So if you do go Custom Cabinets, we can easily get you something that’s in that budget and you can still get just what you want. You know if you want cabinets that are white or off-white or if you want them purple or green, it doesn’t matter with a custom Cabinet. You can really get exactly what you want so Greg you’ve. Given us some information about Custom Cabinets. Let’S just say: we have a customer looking for Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg less right now, some of these benefits, so you want me to bring him down a little bit unpacking my guess. The main thing with custom cabinets would be that number one. Is you get to pick exactly what you want? You don’t have to choose from certain prepackaged colors and styles, and things like that. We can make them truly custom to your exact specifications to fit exactly the space that you, your your kitchen, your bathroom, with laundry room. Whatever room you’re going and we can make those cabinets fit just how you want them, whatever color, whatever. Let me the number one benefit, I would say, number two would be you’re getting. You know with custom Cabinetry going to get all wood. In our case, Hattiesburg Cabinets you know what the hell are: custom Cabinet Shop, Hattiesburg Cabinets you’re, going to get real wood cabinets; you’re, not going to have particle board or melamine things like that that don’t hold up to moisture and down here in the south in south, Mississippi, Hattiesburg yeah. When you get custom cabinets you’re going to want something, that’s going to hold up to the humidity and to the moisture that we often face down here in the South, so that ba II benefit another thing would be no modifications in the future.

If you decide you want to change something, you want to add another cabinet, that’s easily done with custom cabinets, where’s with big box store for cabinets or prefabricated cabinets. You don’t usually have that ability, because often times they discontinue a color of a discontinuous tile. So a lot of cases you’re going to be left having a difficult time trying to match what you already have there. So that probably be a third benefit to Custom Cabinets, and we will cover a lot of these things in the future on on future podcast. But you know come here: come listen to these podcast cuz, we’re going to talk about Custom Cabinets, Hattiesburg, we’re going to talk about Custom Cabinets for other areas. Cuz. We are Custom, Cabinets Hattiesburg! That’S what we do. Hattiesburg Cabinets We build custom cabinets. We we do flooring. We do a lot of things that you’re going to learn about us and our company, and and – and I hope that you will stick with this and listen, and we can have a good time discussing a lot of these things. We probably need to go ahead and tell you a little bit about how you can find us Robin. You want to give out our phone number and website information just want to find this on the internet. Just look us up at www. Wild cabinets.com, Mississippi. As I said, her phone number is 601-795-0305 and, don’t forget and don’t forget, you can also find us on Google. You can go to your Google search bar. You can type in Wild cabinets and search and will come. You can also type in cabinets Hattiesburg and we should come up. You can also find this on Facebook, but be sure to do that search, check. Google check the check out our website and make sure you come back here and find this and listen to some more podcast. So we talked about why Custom Cabinets we talked about the benefits of custom cabinets and remember, like Plato, said a good decisions based on knowledge and not on numbers. So, let’s try to remember that the cheap numbers, not always the best way to go to sleep for value and cabinets and be sure to find a song. Google find us on our website. Look for us on Facebook. Give us a call would be happy to come out and measure for your cabinets and get you a 3D rendering we offer all those services so be sure to look at something we look forward to being with you all again. Next time,