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Your Space

According creatives and industry leaders, “being messy makes you are better person (and artist).” Having a cluttered and messy space in your home is indicative of artistic qualities. We may give ourselves a tough time about what we may have considered a personality flaw. However, your space says a lot about you are a person and a cluttered space may mean that you are an incredibly artistic human. I can also lead you to being a better person. There are no studies that I have read that gives me scientific evidence for this theory, but it sounds nice, does it not?

If It Makes You Happy

If you space makes you happy and is not a threat to any other living thing then that is all the matters. We all want our space to provide an outlet. It is our comfort zone, the place we can let down our hair and walk around in our underwear (it you’re into that sort of thing) and just be you. People come in as many breeds as cats and dogs so we are all going manifest in different ways. There is no such thing as a replicated human, no identical set of finger prints. There is only one you and always will only be one you.

Be Free

Be free to let your space represent who you are on the inside. What makes you feel at home? How can you make the best of your space and at the same time benefit from its effects as well? Some people thrive in perfectly placed spaces. Whereas if you are anything like yours truly you feel your best when the space appears to have been lived in just a bit. Creative clutter can be inspirational.

How To Find Your Type Of Space

It takes some self discovery before you can make this judgement about yourself. If you are not so sure about what your ideal creative space is yet take some time to get these details straight before you go into designing your space. Not everyone thrives in a cluttered space and not everyone thrives in a perfectly kept area. Keep in mind that mess does not equate to clutter. So do not throw a bunch of crap around just for the heck of it. Creative clutter is the key to a healthy messy space.

Creativity and Space

Over the years there have been so many different theories as far as creative flow is concerned. Triggering those creative juices is crucial to some artistic souls and a space where the artist can create in the ease of their element is sometimes what stands between them and success. An artistic soul will unknowingly create their own space appropriate for themselves and will not need any assistance. However most people need to have their spaces tweaked just a bit. Artists tend to push their limits when it comes to a messy environment. They also do not have much time to put into an orderly space.

Is Messy Space Counterproductive

The first thought most people have when talking about artists and their spaces is about the presuppositions regarding the counterproductive features of a messy space. This is when the science of different brains and how their perceive the world around them comes into play. Artistic minds usually, but not with everyone, perceives the clutter around them as fuel. All of their tools are where they can grab them, their latest work surrounds them and revolves constantly in their heads. It is something only a person with a brain like this can understand.

Social Media

Social media can be an excellent outlet for artistic souls who need to express themselves. It is also a great way for businesses to gain a larger clientele. Most people love the convenience that social media provides. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are on Facebook and our customers love our page and the features it offers. On our page we keep our customers updates with our latest shipments and products as well as our weekly deals. We encourage our customers to check out our page at least a few times a week. We would hate for you to miss out on a great deal.

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