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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune! Yours truly had a wedding this past weekend and dear Lord. I literally still cannot feel the tops of my big toes. The side of my right foot has an painful itch bump on it. I am afraid to further inspect it in case I have a protruding bone. It would have been magnificent for my fiance to have rubbed my aching feet Saturday night, but did he? No… He’s a male. Males do not rub, they only get rubbed because they are huge babies. Meanwhile my feet are falling off.


What kind of word is wicker anyway? What IS wicker? I know it smells like sour poisonous dust. Yet, people love wicker. They love the way it looks inside their houses when it looks like it should be outside. But the weird thing is if you put it outside it gets ruined and rots and then it really smells. Maybe I’m just a hater or maybe its the childhood trauma I’ve sustained from years of witnesses people with wicker in their homes accumulating mounds of dust. You know, dust is dead skin particles that have fallen off of your body and the body of whoever lives with you?

Types Of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture basically has no limitations. And when I say no limitations I mean that you can make anything out of wicker. Wicker does in fact have dozens of limitations and it is really not the most functional material to buy for furniture. It does look nice outside on a porch with some plants around it and what not. Even if you lived in Arizona wicker still is not a good idea. The red dust will gather so fast on the wicker piece that you will have a wicker piece one minute and giant red dust chair the next.

Pros Of Wicker

It just looks great as for as the bohemian look goes. Toss an Aztec looking throw on the back of a wicker rocking chair, add a neutral pillow and there you go! You might want to have a cushion or something on the bottom since wicker is hard and uncomfortable as crap. But it does look nice. And it gives you an excuse to buy other accessories to make it look even nicer. No one wants to sit on a hard chair with no cushion. People won’t come over to your house precisely for that very reason.

Cons of Wicker

We basically already went over the cons of wicker with my comments. However, let us be real for a little bit. Wicker does not hold up outside well at all. The material does not handle humidity or any kind of moisture and will be easily destroyed from one exposure. Wicker can only go inside really if you want it to last. Since it looks like outside furniture and you have to keep it inside you have no choice but to go for a bohemian or country look. Not everyone likes that crap.

How To Make Wicker Work

Since I am not necessarily a wicker supporter I am probably not the best person to refer to when asking about how to make wicker work in your home. Most suggestions would involve lighter fluid and a pit. However, for those of you who want to give wicker a chance I strongly suggest that you put all things wicker in a sun room or a place with a lot of windows. It just looks funny when you have wicker inside, especially the way it distinctly looks like it should be outside.

Why Does Wicker Exist?

With the contradictory make up of wicker (outside furniture that if left outside gets destroyed almost instantly) the question posed is what does wicker even exist? This is a great question and the answer is that among all the wicker haters including myself there is a large group of wicker lovers who will still and always keep wicker in production. So that sums up our wicker discussion for the day. I hope this article has shed some light on wicker and why people should and should not put it in their homes.

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