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Warm Interiors

Today we are going to talk about warm commercial and residential interiors and how our readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune can achieve the look. What is a warm interior? Really, a warm interior is anything that denotes coziness to the home owner. Warmth is a personal feeling and could be related to nearly any kind of interior. However, there are traditional styles and designs that are most common among home and business owners. We will talk about these later on in the article. Warm interiors with a soft lighting is there specific subject of our article this afternoon.

Style & Design

Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring have our customers best interest as one of our top priorities. By doing that we are compelled to inform our readers and customer about the topics that most concern you such as home remodeling style and design. A warm interior following a traditional style and design will involve neutral colors pertaining to a warm palate. Nothing showy or gaudy such as bright colors and patterns. Think of a space where you would feel the most cozy and comfortable and take note on what about that room is creating the warmth you are experiencing.

Wall Color

Wall color is simple. Neutrals, particularly soothing colors you would find in a cabin or whatever space creates that warm feeling inside you, is what you will want to put on your walls. Like we mentioned bright and loud colors is going to steer away any warmth. However, there are exceptions to that rule. A lot of home owners find the color red comforting and inviting whereas others find it loud and obnoxious. Bright colors on a warm palate are known to create excitability in the human mind, whether that is negative or positive emotions.


One of the easier areas for a warm interior is flooring. Any kind of flooring will work. Whether you choose luxury vinyl tile, carpet, ceramic tile, or hardwoods, your space can achieve the warm interior feel. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has a selection of flooring that will fit any budget and style. Come down to our show room in Poparville, Ms up highway twenty six east to check out our samples or give us a call at (601) 795-0305 and we will answer any questions you may have concerning the flooring. We will be more than happy to do so.


The ultimate way to achieve a warm interior is all in the lighting. Your space can have all of the essentials for a warm interior, but if the lighting is not compatible with the room you will find yourself with just a plain room with as much warmth as any other room. Soft lighting is the key. Any fixture will do, however bulbs and the kind of light the emit is tricky as well. Blue light is going to create a colder feel than would yellow or gold light. The goal for soft lighting in a warm interior is finding the perfect type and amount of lighting.


How one furnishes a space has a lot to contribute to the amount of the warm or coldness. For instance, metal furniture may contribute to a colder feeling in a room than say a piece of leather furniture. Pillows are a great way to warm up a room as well as warm toned rugs and decor. Vintage furniture has a way of warming up a space instantly. Styles are not limited to a warm interior. Some modern designs may not help if they are aimed towards the mondrian designs or cement looks.

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