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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune. Can you feel the dreariness in the heavy tone? It is intentional. Some days are worse than others. Some days are the absolute epitome of hell. While there are others that seem like a piece of heaven has fallen and drenched you with all its goodness. Today is one of those days where you want to hang yourself with your own hair. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring does not condone or promote self harm in any form or fashion. But today sucks and verbal expression is okay for people.

Vacation Vibes At Home

How can we create the coveted vacation home while at home? Simple decor changes can do wonders. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring have  a few suggestions on how to create the perfect stay at home vacation get away for any budget. Today we are going to discuss colors, flooring, furniture, fixtures, and decor that will all give your home a pleasant beachy vacation vibes that the whole family will enjoy. Even if your pill of a husband does not like the beach, he at least needs to give you this much especially if you have to stay married to his bland, vapid self until the day you or he dies.

Wall Colors

We have discussed vacation and remodeling and how to achieve the beach look in your home in one of our older articles. Today we are going to simplify some things. Wall colors are important when designing for a vacation get away at home look. Pastels and beige are great colors to start with as a foundation for your vacation get away home. Think sea shells and mermaid colors and implement those colors into your home or space. Most people choose bathrooms to decorate like the beach.


The type of flooring for an at home get away vacay is just as simple as the wall colors. Tile and luxury vinyl tile are both great options. Think about beach cottages and shacks and the natural stone or wood flooring that are in there. Lighter colors are preferable. Darker woods and tiles may throw off the airy beach look. The preference is all in the individual, but keep these notes in mind. Maybe you do not necessarily want to full on beach look and dark floor won’t hurt your feelings. Just be aware of the rules so you can effectively break them if need be.


Hanging the proper fixtures in your vacay at home is equally important and we tend to either forget these or over look their importance all together. Lighting and appliances are like the fillings in a great tasting cake. You don’t really see it or notice it until it isn’t there. Make sure to look up the different kinds of fixtures that will go with your beach get away home. There are many different styles and designs that will fit your look. Don’t forget to do your research about all the types of fixtures. Not all are easy to install.


Not everyone has the money or time to replace their furnishings, but if you are one of those lucky individuals then have it. Beach furniture can either be very simple and natural or bright and colorful. Think of the comparison with the sea shells, sand, and driftwood colors next to the underwater world of mermaids, fish, and plants. You can pick from either of these beach themes and still pull off a beautiful tropical beach get away in your own home. Be careful to not get too gaudy with the colorful side. Unless you want to feel like you are in Jamaica.


Like the furnishings, decorations kind of go by the same rules. It all depends on which style you are wanting for your at home get away. Typically if most of your design is the shore colors then you might want to add some color. The opposite can be said if your main theme is the bright and colorful underwater theme. Beach is always a style at some point during the year so it should be easy finding beach decor at any home design stores for any preference and budget. Custom Cabinets Picayune

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