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Good afternoon again, Picayune! It is that time of the day when everyone is settling down to watch their favorite soap opera, coffee steaming and sitting off to the side like the other woman to our Pinterest tab we constantly leave open on our phones and iPads. Two in the afternoon has been the set time according to psychologists when human beings are hit with the sludge of exhaustion before getting their second wind in the evening. Ever wondered why getting home from church and gorging yourself on Sunday lunch seems to inevitably lead to a three hour nap? I can tell you it was not the preacher’s dry humor or grandma’s meatballs. A biological reaction in our bodies and brains cause us to experience that overwhelming sense of tiredness. What does that have to do with today’s issue of custom cabinets Picayune? Everything.

Ever wondered why you walk into someone’s house and suddenly you want to run away crying and screaming? Or what about the intense droopiness that comes over you at the sight of your Aunt Edna’s pale mint colored living room with the mauve velvet couch that looked as if she had it shipped straight from Manchester during the Victorian era? All of it has to do with the style of the room. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has taken an interest in how home design can effect human mental health. Custom cabinets Picayune is a great place for us to start our educational revelation. A study has shown that colors can instantly effect the human moods. Warm colors in particular cause excitement, such as the new trend of red gloss cabinets. Red has been proven to be an appetite stimulant as well as one for aggression. Warm colors are also more distracting as they have a knack at grabbing ones attention. Fast Food chains exercise and prove the reliability of this theory. McDonald’s yellow and red sign helps appeal to the consumer’s sin of gluttony. Cool colors do the opposite. Calming blues, mints, and pastels are a great theme for children’s rooms and nurseries, as well as soft neutrals like taupe, mocha, and honey-beige. An upcoming trend for the cabinet industry is navy cabinets. They promote a feeling of togetherness in our haphazard, chaotic lives, a sense of calmness and sophistication. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring encourage our customers to take these factors into consideration when deciding what kind of cabinets they would like for the rooms in their homes.

In our previous articles we discuss how detrimental cabinet design and color are to the human mind. A set of cabinets full of intricate details and painted a bright warm color might induce a state of anxiety and disorder. If they are kitchen cabinets you may find yourself gaining a few extra pounds without any logical reason why besides the fact that you seem to always grow ravenously hungry every time you walk in or past the kitchen. Opposed to that having cabinets made that are smooth and plain with simple glossy dark blue paint might not only stunt your appetite, but may cease you desire to eat all together. *Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are in no way professional psychiatrists, medical doctors, or dietitians and offer only their personal opinions based off of other research and studies and their own common sense. If you or someone you know is suffering from a disease in over consumption of food that is worsened or triggered by the color red this article is in no way meant to be a form of treatment. Please see a health professional right away.

Even the placement of your cabinets can effect your mental state. For instance, for those individuals who suffer from the condition of claustrophobia they find their condition worsens when their cabinets are placed over the middle of their ceilings and across the walls of their kitchens. “It’s like I’m surrounded by an army of cabinets,” says an anonymous customer. “My daughter says our bathroom cabinets loom over the sink and grab at her on the toilet,” says another disturbed customer. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is not just a cabinet and flooring shop, but a place where people can come discuss the production of their cabinets knowing that our skilled professionals will do everything they can to make sure our customers do not feel as if their kitchen cabinets are a vast army of blood red waiting to slaughter them as they are shoving the meatloaf in the oven. We are trained to build and install your custom cabinets Picayune in a way that is suitable for your home and your mental well-being. Come stop by our shop in Poplarville, Mississippi and you no longer have to fear the dreaded cabinet army stacked across the middle of your kitchen ceiling or the mismeasured bathroom cabinet that hovers over your head in your most personal and private of moments. Yes, these are embarrassing truths, but admitting to living in fear in our homes is the first step to recovery. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring can give you the best custom built cabinets for your money.

Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is family owned local business that takes a personal effort to take account of our customers’ families. We understand the struggles of having dilapidated, old, outdated cabinets. We know what it is like for friends and family to come over and stare in horror at our ghastly offensive cabinets. That is why we want to provide the selfless service to our customers to give them the very thing they need to make their house a home again. No more hideous cabinets! Now is time for the custom cabinets Picayune revolution! Take charge of your lives and come to Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. Call us for more information at (601) 795-0305 or check out our website We are also on Facebook where we post our weekly deals and newest products. This is where you can find our review section and let us know what you think about your experience with Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. Special treats may or may not be given to those who give us great reviews…only one way to find out! Peace out, Picayune!