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Welcome again to the wilds cabinets and flooring podcast, we are excited that you decided to join and we are very excited to be able to come to you and talk to you about kitchen custom cabinets picayune, kitchen, cabinets for vanity, vanity, cabinets and kitchen cabinets for your home or office for your business. We’re thrilled me local supplier for heritage, cabinets, heritage cabinets is a factory line of cabinets that we carry that we’ve been dealing with for quite a few years now:they’re very solid company, a company with a good reputation for building quality, kitchen cabinets and many different finishes on their most popular finishes custom cabinets Picayune.

We’ve been doing a lot with lately, jenna shaker white cabinets, shaker style cabinets seems to still be very much in style. Very much in trends. The hair does lying, although it isn’t imported prefabricated line it has. They have done very well with trying to keep on top of the trends. So you nuts stuck having to pick from kitchen cabinets that are or that have been in style for 20 years, a lot of times some of these prefab companies. They have to stop a certain amount of inventory that they imported from china or wherever their manufacturer, that forces them to have to stock up on colors and maybe styles in order to have the inventory that builders are homeowners may need for one last time comes if they’re ready for these kitchen custom cabinets picayune that forces the distributors to have to stop container loads of these prefab cabinets and often times they stick with the same old, outdated styles, light golden oats, for instance, what used to be considered very beautiful cabinet personally, I still think oak cabinets are nice, but those trends as far as what you see on home and garden television and on pinterest, and things like that. I’ve got too far away from that the latest trend, of course, being the country rustic look has made a come back again. We see that look was around quite a bit during the 1990s, the early 1990s and now you’re, seeing a resurgence or you had been over the past. Probably four or five years has been a resurgence of that look. That seems like it has a little bit of staying power. I thought it was personally I thought that would look was going to go away a lot quicker than it did, but it seems to still be sticking around a lot of the shiplap and things like that. Of course, from there chip and joanna gaines made popular that look at school, holding and its popularity and in order to meet that need, some of these prefab companies have definitely stuck with their shaker style custom cabinets picayune.

You know your basic painted, shaker white custom cabinets picayune, still very popular tablets also came out with color called north gray, that’s in a somewhat of a shaker style door. It’s not a raised panel is a flat panel door, but is a grey 3? Looking cabinet had a very nice clean, look to it actually works well in a rustic type environment or just actually well suited to four more of a modern look because of the full overlay, her modified full overlay features of the door styles. It looks pretty good in a modern situation to uh everything was done with that color so far. This seem to be pretty popular, very pleased with a customer feedback on that color. Some very nice product, if you’re in the market, for a prefab cabinet for your kitchen, cabinets hattiesburg or kick me in the area with service both areas, norris gray and the heritage line. Prefabricated cabinets is a very good option. If you want to go with us prefab cabinets and still have that nice kind of stylish look it’s hands down one of the best, looking prefab cabinets that I’ve seen in recent years, you’re interested in that product would like to see more visit.

Our website at www. Wilds cabinets.Com check that out, so very I put some more pictures to up. So, if you decide to visit, our facebook page will make a post call matt this week. What kind of make sure we I have jenna? Who is our media social media director, shout out to jennifer you’re listening we’re going to make sure jenna knows that we need to make a add, facebook app. That includes that norris gray from heritage cabinets and let’s get right on that. I will try to get that together as soon as we can that way, as you’re listening or reading you’ll know to go to that. Facebook page check out see what what does norris gray cabinets in at heritage lion. Look like you’ll be impressed with them. When you see them finished out with piece of countertop and all on him he’s going to think that looks pretty doggone good for a prefab cabinets plus points are really excellent. On those when compared to the price you have to pay for a for a custom cabinet, he could really get a nice look and that prefab line think you’ll like them come out drop me a line. Let me know what you think about those comment on her facebook page. You know how you think, there’s a look and if you’re interested in getting a quote custom cabinets picayune on just give us a call, someone will come out or will contact. You will come out and take a look at your kitchen. I’ll try to get those cabinets measure and get you a nice quote on those. He be surprised at what you can save dealing with some buddies prefab cabinets and they are all wood and they actually that norris grayline actually includes a soft closed option. It is a soft-close drawer, glide soft, close door hinges, dovetail drawer boxes to the look and feel and handle on these kitchen cabinets, although their prefab were actually quite nice.

The definitely an option if you’re on a budget., sewing room houses or remodeling house to sell north gray cabinets are definitely a good. Choice. Comes to that so check this out visit our website at www., wow cabinets.Com, or definitely you can also do a google search to find you can start source at kitchen, cabinets, hattiesburg or kitchen cabinets picayune. Do a search that way see if you can find their website and fill out a contact us form and I will get somebody in touch with you just as soon as we possibly can be sure to listen in next time and we’ll talk a little bit more about these prefab cabinets. Thanks for joining us

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