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Tiny Houses

I honestly cannot remember if I have ever written about tiny houses in our Custom Cabinets Picayune series, but here we are. In the last minutes of the work day, we are going to talk about tiny houses and the many different designs and styles they can have. It seems like more and more these days that people are going for the tiny house. Less to clean, less to worry about, but less space. Or is there really less space? Tiny house home owners seemed to beg to differ in the less space argument.

Tiny Barns

A lot of time you will see a barn styled tiny house. Almost shed-like in appearance people are going for this barn design tiny house. With enough room for a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and loft for a bedroom this tiny house has more than enough room for a small family. If you like living in spaces small enough that you have to worry about your fart being heard in the other room…tiny houses are for you. However, tiny houses can be made specialized with sound proofing insulation and all the likes that a normal sized home can be made with.

Traditional and Tiny

Most people go towards a more traditional approach with their tiny homes. There are so many styles to choose from with a tiny traditional house. You can get them in sizes that allow for a bedroom downstairs or simple use the loft for your bed space. Which ever you would choose your tiny house will look beautifully and fit your needs. Whatever dealer you get your tiny house built from you should be able to choose the exterior color and layout of the home.

Modern Tiny Home

Not everyone wants a typical tiny home. If you still want some flare in your home while maintaining that tiny house effect then go to a seller who offers modern layouts and designs. Since your space will be limited more than an average sized home you will need to get creative in your original stylistic approach. Wall color and flooring, decorations and furniture–all can be unique to create more of a modern style in your tiny home. That is one of the cons of a tiny house is that in some ways the smaller space will limit what you can do.

Tiny Porches

Yes, even tiny houses can have porches. Just like any regular home tiny houses need porches as well. And no, the porches can actually be an average size and still look great with your tiny house. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring suggest that you bring this up to the seller before they order your tiny house. They can suggest the best size and style of porch that will fit your tiny house. Not all porches are created equal and not all porch style will work with your tiny house. Make sure you know what you want before talking with the seller.

Are Tiny Houses For Everyone?

Well, unfortunately the answer to that question is no. If you are over six feet tall and you have your heart set on a tiny house…you might want to think again because that will possibly be hazardous to your health. I am sure they can make tiny houses tall enough for a larger individual, but after a while I do not think it will be considered a tiny house anymore. Maybe a medium house because let’s face it, large humans can’t fit into tiny houses without threatening the health in some way.

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Custom Cabinets Picayune

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