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Good afternoon folks of Picayune! It has been a fine day indeed, especially for flooring and cabinets sales in the Picayune area. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is a twitter with getting out our custom cabinets Picayune. There have been quite a great deal of Louisiana transplants since Katrina several devastating years ago and even though it has been plenty of time for every one to recover still we find business booming with dozens upon dozens of our Cajun brothers and sisters moving to Picayune, and also the Poplarville area. Hattiesburg, we can’t leave you out, but you are getting a different strain of people since Katrina. Nevertheless, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is not a respecter of persons. We strive to give any and everyone our best work. Our main man Greg loves dealing with the public and cannot get enough of making even our most indecisive, persnickety customers visions a reality. Make all of your concerns known to him. He welcomes your comments and knowledge about cabinet building and flooring like water in a desert. Give us a call at (601) 795-0305 for any questions at all and make sure you ask fro Greg Wild. He wants to make your day!

From Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring’s previous article it was brought my attention that white cabinets seem to be the big thing this year as far as trends and home “fashion” goes. Personally, I cannot get enough of white cabinets. The room brightens by ten times and especially if you live in a dreary closed in home like me you desperate need some brightness to your life.  If you are tired of your dark cabinets and desire a new fresh feel to your kitchen, bathroom, or office white is the way to go. Whether you like the rustic, shabby chic look or traditional clean-lined look Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring can custom cabinets Picayune construct the cabinets that fit you personal style. You did not think style was strictly for the fashion industry, did you? Only close-minded people who never leave their houses believe that sort of thing. If you take just a moment of your busy day to check our Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring custom cabinets Picayune on either our website at or the ever expanding and soul destroying Facebook you will see our many “stylish” cabinets and flooring samples and your home remodeling eyes will be opened forever. You will be a changed person! And maybe ever realize that you are in need, deep desperate need for a change in your home. Perhaps a cabinet color change…? White would be fabulous, if not distinguished, cabinets fit for royalty.

Another personal favorite is the all-consuming trend of gray. Forget for the moment the great debate of “is it grey or gray?” Let us focus on the fact that grey (gray) cabinets and flooring is the major hit among home buyers everywhere. Not only is grey clean, sophisticated, and new, it is one of those colors that once the trends have died down and everyone has moved on to another housing obsession courtesy of HGTV and their billion dollar profits, leaving men and women perpetually unsatisfied with their homes, grey will still, quite frankly, look better than your seasonal burnt orange cabinets. Let us all take a moment and revisit the horrors of orange shag carpet in the seventies… This is a ghastly mistake that Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will encourage our customers to never make. However, we will never tell our customers to not pursue their dreams, even if it is pea-green walls, shag carpets, and orange cabinets. And do not forget how we loved the gaudy floral wallpaper that infested the walls of millions of homes around the nation. A moment of silence.

Back to our custom cabinets Picayune. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is not opposed to branching out into different territory with our personalized cabinetry. We want our customers to feel like they see themselves in their cabinets, and if that means constructing cabinets that reflect the color of the golden specks in your cat’s eyes then we will do it! But please, do not bring in your cat’s eye. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring does not support any form of animal abuse, maiming, or dismemberment. Custom Cabinets Picayune

As a flooring and cabinets specialty shop Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has an obligation to think independently and ahead to meet all the upcoming trends related to home constructing and remodeling. In order to supply the demand of all the newest and freshest trends we try to think outside the box and bring up to our customers what might be the next big thing. For instance, I personally feel that home owners and those who love swimming in the world of trends, I have never seen navy cabinets. Navy seems to be the next best thing when white and gray are involved. Neutrals are a dream for a traditional person who is conflicted with their wild side. They can still be traditional and at the same time feel like they are being a little crazy by hanging cabinets that are a different neutral than the regular white, brown, and black. Those of our customers who have a fascination with the nautical side of life may particularly adore navy cabinets. Imagine how stunning replicas of ships would look displayed on the in, on, or around those navy cabinets? Your kitchen, bathroom, or office would give a new meaning to Robert Goulet’s Red Ships of Spain!

Regardless of the style of your custom cabinets Picayune, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring would be delighted to be a part of the renewing and remodeling of your home. Your satisfaction and happiness in your home is our success. Our goal is to make you feel like you are living in the home you have always been meant for. Our costumers deserve the cabinets and flooring of their dreams. We want to take you as close to those dreams and visions as possible. Part of that dream can come true when you like and follow our Facebook page Wild’s Cabinets and leave us a positive review. And also don’t forget to come by and see us. You will not regret it!