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Remodeling Blunders

How many times have we gotten knee deep in a remodeling project only to realize that we have made a terrible, awful mistake? Like, all the time. Today on Custom Cabinets Picayune Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is going to talk about the most common home remodeling blunders. I would talk about how to recover from these mishaps, but unfortunately I am not a home designer and my advice is not liable to help anyone in this area. However, I do have some words of wisdom: Don’t screw up in the first place and you won’t end up in this kind of problem. You’re welcome.

Wood Flooring

Yeah…so placing down real wood flooring apparently is susceptible to some serious mess ups. This one I can say I have second hand experience in. Thanks to my dad I have seen people put down wood flooring and half way through it ask themselves why they were so stupid to want real wood flooring in their home in the first place. Yes, putting down real wood can be a challenge when you are using your own planks, staining them, and all that jazz. However, if you do your research and understand what you are doing it should not be that bad.

Exterior Paint

So many people try to paint the outside of their homes with interior paint and…that is just not going to work. Sure, it looks great at first, but as the elements take their turns beating against your home you will soon find out that interior paint on exterior surfaces was a really dumb thing to do. Not just house walls, but porches, outdoor furniture, anything that is outside needs exterior paint. Exterior paint is made to withstand nature’s forces. Except like tornados and junk.


Not everyone has an eye for landscaping so it makes sense when they get neck deep in landscaping and realize that they know absolutely nothing about what they are doing. A lot of people do not consider the cost of landscaping the correct way and have to stop midways in their projects leaving the homes looking a half done disgrace. With all home remodeling projects, please consider the cost before diving into it full blast. Always over estimate the cost that way you have some cash to play with and some emergency funds.

Interior Paint Colors

Something yours truly as fallen prey to at least once in her lifetime has been the dreaded changing paint colors. Yes, that glorious paint sample looks incredible in the store, but what happened in between the time it took from the store to your house? Suddenly now that the color is on your wall in your own home it looks completely different. Yeah…that is what lighting and decor will do to a person. I wanted a grey in my room. Because of the lighting it looks more blue even though it is distinctly grey. The store didn’t make a mistake. That is just what happens. So take this in consideration.

Bed Frames

Y’all, that enormous king sized bed looks great, no doubt. But did you really think it was going to fit in your average sized bedroom? Room measurements are almost never taking into serious consideration. Measurements are important, especially with flooring. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will come to your home and do a measure for your flooring, but we can’t be there to measure for your furniture. This is something that you have to grow up and do on your own. You are going to want to punch yourself when you realize you spent all that money on a fine piece of furniture you have no room for.

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