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Red Accents

Hardly a decade goes by without red accents coming back into style. People just can’t seem to get enough of the color red. Yours truly personally can indeed get enough of it. However, the human population is infatuated with the color red, especially red accents in the home. Home design can’t get away from red accents whether it be decoration, furniture pieces, or appliances. Red has yet again taken the world by storm. So how can we incorporate red accents into our homes? Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is here to help.

What Is An Accent?

Accent besides the most commonly used definition means a special or particular emphasis. Applied to home design, an accent is something that demands or is drawing an emphasis to itself. For instance, a red lamp in an otherwise neutral space would be considered an accent piece. Red pillows on a neutral couch and living room would be considered accent pieces. Anything could be considered an accent piece depending on the state of the space being accented. What would not be considered accent pieces is when the entire space is an accent space. That means that there is already enough going on in the space for a piece to qualify as an accent piece.

Grey & Red Accents

The trend right now is red accents against grey interiors. Grey being hot this past year and slowly on its way out, is clinging on for dear life with adding some twists to the designs. Adding accents, especially red, to a design is one way to spice up a dying out trend to keep it alive. With modern, minimalist, and Mondrian designs making a large hit this season, grey interiors with red accents is sure to be a big success among home owners everywhere.

Choosing the Accents

Every home is unique and takes thought and planning when deciding what kind of accents you are wanting for your home. Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing red accents is what kind of design and style is your home? What is the budget you want to stay with? What is your personal style? These factors all contribute to the accents you choose for your space. Unless the style of your home is eclectic you are not going to want to clash two styles together. Be careful when choosing accents and make sure they go with your themes.

Types of Accents

Kinds of accents are unlimited. Well…I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, but there are quite a few options when picking out an accent. We are talking about red accents in particular today. Types of accents include lamps, tables, chairs, decorations, rugs, appliances. Really there is something for everyone. Depending on the theme of your space red accents may not be the way to go, but for those out there especially those with the minimalist themes, red accents can go a long way to making sure your space doesn’t fall off into space.

Other Accents

What if you do not like red but still need some accents in your home? Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has your covered. Accents do not have to all be red. They just have to draw an emphasis to themselves apart from the rest of the room. As long as your room is neutral any color, any piece can be an accent piece. Cool colors and warm colors work the same. Even patterns will work. Just remember the main goal is to keep a neutral space with accent pieces. You can have more than one accent piece as long as they go together with the theme of the room.

Summed Up

Basically, accent pieces can almost be labeled as a theme in and of itself. With home designing tilting more in the simple and basic direction this season accent pieces are going to take off more than ever. Home owners can achieve these looks with any budget. With thought and planning having an accent oriented room is possible for anyone. Whether your style is traditional, elegant, modern, or rustic the neutral accent oriented design will work. Make sure to not gaudy it up like yours truly would do. Unless that’s your bag of course.

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