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Pink Living Rooms

When I first saw this headline the phrase that popped out of my mouth was, “Oh, Lord…” Pink living rooms, y’all. If anyone knows me the way they think they do then they know that I am beside myself about these pink living rooms. Growing up a Barbie girl, the idea of anything pink in a grown up house is just thought staggering. Like, I have no coherent words to articulate how I am feeling right now looking at the pictures on my phone. Thanks to my news app my brain is filling with glitter scanning the pink images. For all my girly girls and pink lovin’ men, this article is for you! We are going to talking all about these fabulous pink living rooms. Some are more glamorous than others while some of designed lower key pink. One thing they all have in common is somehow the space is designed around the color pink. One picture (and we have an article dedicated to this design) is a pink and green combo. So not every design is completely centered around pink, but it is the main color.

Find The Right Pink

Not all shades of pink were created equal. Avid pink lovers understand this to be crucial factor to take into consideration when brainstorming about a pink space design. Personally, I love the way pale pink transforms a room. Adding even just a few splotches of pale pink to a room whether it be with decorations or literal paint splotches the room will instantly feel more feminine and delicate. Blush is a beautiful shade of pink for this as well. My personal favorite pale pink combo is navy, gold, and pale pink. We recently wrote an article on this design.

Barbie Pink

Some people want to go all out and use the shade what I like to call Barbie Pink for their space. In my opinion this is a bold color. One of the pictures are done up in a bold pink with all the accents and accessories in paler shades of pink. Some shades are slightly off bu work beautifully, such as salmon and peach. These colors have pink in their bases, but are not actually what I would call “pink” in general. This is where you will need to use your brain when putting together color palates.

Beige & Pink

Neutrals and pinks go together so beautifully in my humble opinion, especially when you are creating an elegant, breathable space with your design. Beige is a delicate color but can be pushed in any direction by whatever color that is paired with it. For instance, I wore a pair of beige shorts with an army green lace mandarin collar tank on my first date with my fiance (he told me it wasn’t really a double date, but he told me way later that “date” was a relative term.) The army green tank took the shorts in a less airy, elegant direction and in more of a stronger, bold, safari direction. We were going to the zoo and I thought the outfit was appropriate. I froze my anus off that day because it was a cold day for April.

Pink Accents

If you are not ready to commit to the all pink space then go for a pink accent design. White walls with pink accents such as furnishings or decorations can take a plain white space and turn it into a bold, fresh look. Some spaces have one half neutral wall and the other half a shade of pink. Thinking outside the box a little…perhaps for the toe dipper, try pink trim only and see how you like it. Personally I like the idea of adding pink accents to a space. Now if I could just get my fiance to not notice the spots of pink I’ll be slipping into our house when he is at work. You ladies know exactly what I am talking about *wink.* After all, that is what his man cave is all about. He’s got his space and you have the rest of the house to do as you please. Thus a healthy relationship, Custom Cabinets Picayune.

Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring

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