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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune! I has been a time since we ended our last series with Custom Cabinets Picayune, but Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is back with a new series of articles coming your way! Lately we have been writing with our Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg group and what a time it has been! We talked on styles and advice, the newest designs and the latest rages. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is located in Poplarville, Ms where the sun hardly shines and the rain is abundant. In case you were in the area, there was a sudden lightening storm last night yours truly conveniently slept though.

Nomadic Style

Today we are going to talk about more home designs. The rage lately has been simplicity. Simple home designs are breaking out into numerous categories and all are hits. Our previous article was on Mondrian style and minimalist design. Another form of those two styles is what designers are calling “Nomadic” style. A nomad is someone who wanders. Their belongings are few and simple. They live on the basics. A nomadic style pertaining to home design is self-explanatory. Simple, basic, and clean. Let’s break down the nomadic style.


Nomads did not settle in one area. They were wanderers who did not have one place they called home which led them to carry with them very few belongings. The basics were all the needed. The same concept is applied to the nomadic home design style. Wall color, flooring, furniture, and decor all reflect the simplicity of living with only the basics. Nomadic home style is very similar to the minimalist and mondrian home styles with naturalistic details. Think rustic meets futuristic in every simple way imaginable. The difference between the nomadic home designs and the minimalist and mondrian is the little to no color except the basic neutrals.

Wall color

There is not much to choose from in the realm of wall color when it comes to designing your home around the nomadic style. Browns, whites, greys, blacks, and creams–that is the color selection summed up. To the home owner who loves creative color juices this style may not be suitable for their wildly expressive personality. However, the nomadic creative would find this style comforting if they prefer all that creativity flowing on the inside and expressed in way other than color. A calm creative.


The type of flooring in irrelevant when it pertains to the nomadic home design. The color is everything, however. Just like the other aspects of the style, nomadic flooring is centered around the simplest colors such as those for wall colors. There really is no distinction between wall color and floor color. Although flooring for the nomadic style can range from tile to laminate, typically the flooring is as natural looking as possible. Rustic LVT with clean lines is going to look the best in a nomadic style home. The intensity is determined by the strength of nomadic style you want in your home.


While the minimalist and Mondrian styles might have a little more pizzazz in their furniture the nomadic has little to none. Material is simple, rustic. Every piece is devoid of color unless it is brown or black. Simple and basic are the two keys words when looking for nomadic furniture. Maybe even a little caveman like, if I dare say. The craziest this furniture gets is cutting a chair out of a fallen tree and then sitting it in your living room. Boom. Nomadic arm chair. Kitchen ware and the like are all made of natural materials or the cleanest metal.


Readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune might be thinking at this point that how in the world can there even be any decorations for a nomadic style home? There are some possibilities in there. All have to do with foliage and nature. Just as it is with every other area pertaining to the nomadic style, decorations are strictly the most natural things you can find. Plants, rope, metal–those are just a few ideas. However, deviations include slight modern touches as long as they are clean lines and very simple and sticks to the basic look of  nomadic design.


Anomalies that occur with the nomadic home style is the contradictory modern essentials. A lot of times with the nomadic style one will see modern details in the design. On rare occasions a touch of industrial or steam punk will slip itself into the design and give the traditional nomadic style an entire design of its own. Nomadic home design has a strict criteria, but not so much that it will not work if a little deviation and creativity is added into it. Essentially it is all up to the home owner and the look they are going for.

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