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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune. Yes, you have read that title correctly. According to the article on my new app on my phone there is supposedly designs for housing on Mars. Are we closer to outer space living than we supposed? If you believe everything that is on the news app on your phone it is. The real question is what can we learn from the models and designs of these future Mars homes? Too bad living on Mars is not an option or else I would have ditched human society a long time ago.

Life On Mars

We all ask ourselves the question “What would life be like living on Mars?” Fortunately, the people who have designs home models for Martian dwelling (Martian indicative to Mars dwelling) we can have a little bit of an idea of what kind of homes and structures would survive on Mars. Naturally, these designs were stereotypical space structures taken right out of a Star Wars movie. Nothing too out of what we would call normal for space homes. I am sure there is reasoning behind why space dwelling structures are all designs relatively the same as each other.


How do we take this new information and design and apply it to our every day life? We simply take some of the designs that have been structured for Mars dwelling and implement them into regular Earth homes. The theory behind Mars homes is not much different from Earth homes. Style is just as important in Mars homes as it is in Earth homes. People are not going to change just because they can suddenly live on Mars. Sure, there will be certain regulations and universal laws in order to live on Mars and not die.

Mars Homes

The typical Mars home will be cylindrical or dome shaped with neutral exterior colors. As a result of the circular shapes of the structures windows will be shaped to fit as well. For some reason unmentioned in the article, the windows were on the ceiling as well. Maybe the designers were getting a little too carried away with the idea of Mars and aliens. Just because you live on another planet it doesn’t mean you have to live like an idiot. Why not design the homes as close as possible to those on Earth? Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has had their minds blown.

Wall Color

Paint colors really do not have any rules different from painting your interior on Earth. At least that is what research is telling us. I’m sure at some point we will come across information that proves paint chemicals causing negative reactions in the atmosphere on Mars. However, right now we can only assume that we can choose paint wall colors just as we would here on Earth. Like Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has repeatedly stressed, make sure you know what design and style you want you space to be before choosing colors and decoration.


Perhaps flooring will be a different story. Unlike walls, flooring is going to have to withstand the Martian foundation. Assuming that it is going to be similar to that of Earth, picking out flooring that will go with your design and theme of your home is best. Keep in mind that you will want something that does not show all the red dust that will be coming in on your boots from outside. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring suggest getting luxury vinyl tile to handle all conditions while living in a Martian dwelling. Keep reading to find out more about what Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring think about Mars living.


Finding decorations for your space will be much more difficult on Mars than on Earth assuming that our most common home stores have not made it to space yet. Even so you may be able to order and have them delivered. Other than that the same rules still apply to home decor. Make sure you stay true to whatever design you have chosen so as not to make a mess of your space which is easy to do when you have not come to a definitive decision about which theme you want for your home.

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