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Every day is an opportunity for a new and exciting discovery! Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring go to extraordinary lengths to find unique designs for their cabinets and flooring. This process is extensive and can be eye bulging, but the benefits are all for the lovely, classy residents of Picayune. As insanely enthusiastic Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is about our intricate cabinets production, we have been talking about flooring lately in our articles, luxury vinyl tile to be precise. Today for our viewers and readers of custom cabinets Picayune, we will be talking about an exciting development in the luxury vinyl tile industry…wait for it…

Magnetic Flooring!

Yes, you read that correctly. For those of you like myself who are too ignorant to remember wearing your glasses upon the action of reading, let me reiterate: magnetic vinyl plank. This is not an article our readers will want to miss. So we will wait a moment while our absent-minded readers scurry to whatever room they left their spectacles and then proceed.

Magnetic luxury vinyl tile flooring–as if the abbreviation needed anymore letters–according to our sources, is a new product manufactured by FloorFolio and others. Michael Freedman, the president and CEO of FloorFolio commented saying, “Levitate is truly a ground breaking product…” We at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring could not agree more, custom cabinets Picayune! “Levitate” is a flooring system in the luxury vinyl tile family. It is made up of the same ingredients as regular luxury vinyl tile, but with some significant tweaks. The magnetic luxury vinyl tile system utilizes a special magnetized sheet that is used to cover the sub floor. For those of you, like myself, who have little to no idea of what a sub floor is, it is basically the funky chunk of wood that is laid down to support whatever real floor (the floor that everyone sees and ogles over) the consumer decides to purchase and install. The magnetized luxury vinyl tile would be considered this “real” floor. The MLVT is laid down on the sub floor and positioned on the magnetized sheet I just mentioned.

Anyone notice what is so fabulous about this new discovery? If you answered “no” then our group of professionally highly suggest that you stop reading and remove yourself at once and bring your attention elsewhere where it can be used effectively. For those of our readers who answered “there is no adhesive” then we applaud you! Yes, tis true. The luxury vinyl tile planks are laid down on this magnetic sheet and fuse without any adhesive or glue to hold it in place. According to an article published in Floor Trends “Levitate” deals with common problems and concerns such as repairs caused by Aunt Edna falling and cracking her head against the floor, any moisture issues from spills, leaks, and bloody injuries. For our happy green team customers “Levitate” also caters to the environmental issues which apparently make things better for healthcare and the special communes for the elderly. Magnetic luxury vinyl tile flooring is for everybody, custom cabinets Picayune. It is available in dozens of styles, patterns, and colors to fit your uniqueness and theme of your home. There is magnetic luxury vinyl tile to fit everyone’s budget as well.

Magnetic luxury vinyl tile flooring is just the beginning of a breakthrough in luxury vinyl tile. In our previous articles we talk about the wonders and magnificence of lock-down luxury vinyl plank. At one time it was the biggest, baddest thing to hit the flooring market. No more glue, no more mess, no more…installers…unless you wanted some. As simple as self-installing luxury vinyl lock and go plank may be, sometimes the best thing to do is hire a skilled, professional flooring installer. The scary thing is, how can you trust anyone to just come waltz into your home, custom cabinets Picayune? Background checks are not always available, or reliable. You are not promised that your installer will be a promoter of personal hygiene or integrity. He may not like cats. Fortunately for our customers at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring, custom cabinets Picayune, our higher ups suffer great pains to make sure our customers have the finest flooring installers in south Mississippi. We can guarantee our team of installers will be fully equipped for any situation that may arise in the floor installation process. They will be courteous and prompt, always considerate of the customer’s home and personal space. They will arrive fully awake, sober, and sterilized. And they will not kick your cats. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring make sure our customers have a pleasant and unforgettable flooring installation experience.

Considering that magnetic luxury vinyl tile plank is a fresh development there is still more research for Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring to do to make sure our customers are put at ease with this high tech flooring. Yes, for some it might feel as if we have ventured into the space age, especially with gloss cabinets. Being open-minded about updated trends and flooring technology can make this transition into the modern era less stressful. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring understand that magnetized flooring might be somewhat intimidating at first which is why we suggest pretending that there are no magnets and that it is old-fashioned glue-down luxury vinyl tile planks laying in your dining room. Sucking it up and getting over the fact that life is constantly upgrading will be the first step to accepting the inevitable, and that would be change.

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