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Well, what a day, what a day, what a day, thanks for listening in today, greg greg, wild wilds cabinets and flooring, we’re located in poplarville mississippi, we are the place to shop the place to contact the place to call if you’re looking for custom cabinets Picayune. Also, you may be in the market for countertops. If you’re looking for countertops cabinets custom cabinets, if you’re looking for floor covering, we are the place that you need to call the business to check with is wilds cabinets and flooring. You can call me greg, while you can call and talk to anyone. That’s in our office is going to provide you with the most experienced information. The most detailed information and everyone on our staff has the permission to make the deal we like making the deals we like to get people, products and services that can fit in anyone’s budget. We don’t turn anybody away.

You’re working on a mobile home trailer would love to have your business. If you’re, building a mansion would love to have your business, we don’t distinguish between the two. We are very thankful and grateful that you would even consider giving us your business in custom cabinets picayune, and we do not want to mess that up. We’re proud that you would choose to spend your money with us. Trust handle your job, and in no way would we want to take advantage of that or not show our preciation by giving you the best service that you could possibly imagine we’re going to do things all time, we’re going to try to keep them on your budget to make sure that you don’t have any surprises when it comes to the completion of your project, custom cabinets picayune.

One of the things that I hate, the most hearing from people that have had bad experiences with other dealers is that they had surprise cost at the end of the job. They will get a quote or a bid from the company. That’s going to do their work and their prices will look really good and you may think of all. This is a great deal. Let’s go with them. I seem really reputable and then sure enough. By about the time the job in it has cost way more than what you originally anticipated, and sometimes this could be real a real situation. Some things are unavoidable in new construction, there’s instances where you may have some cost that do get out of hand when it comes to things such as floor preparation and unknown things until you start actually doing the job we try to limit and try to prevent that from ever really happening to try to make sure we cover ourselves on a bed. If we we try to anticipate those problems, I think it’s really rotten up some companies to do that bait and switch tactic. The very rotten thing to do so we work hard to try to make sure that what we quote is what you end up paying, but don’t want there to be any surprises on your bill. We don’t wants to pop up and say it’s $500 more than what you thought it was going to be. That’s just not good that people business practices in my mind. We work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Like I said the only time you should really when dealing with our type of business, we pretty much know once we come and measure and look at the space we pretty much can anticipate what kind of issues we may have. That’s comes with experience of the many years that we’ve been in business. That’s a good thing, the good thing about doing business with a company. That’s been producing custom, cabinets picayune and selling floor, covering for as long as we have. We seen a lot of problems, I’ve seen a lot of the issues that have to be overcome and we’re not scared by any of those we’re not put off any of those issues will tackle it and weep. We pretty much know what to expect and we can give you a pretty accurate quote each and every time that’s one of our mottos is on time on budget. We work really hard to keep your project on schedule, party, venue, year cabinets or flooring within the time frame that we collided to do that, so there won’t be any excessive job slow down because of us.

We also want to make sure that they are on budget guarantee, try to really stand behind that in the way we do that. First of all, we try to give an accurate bit up front. How sometimes we have been things that upfront may seem a little bit higher, it would have competitor may give most cases the competitors will come back after we knock out the job after they’ve landed the job, they will come back and ultimately hit that customer up for more money more problems that they did not see they were going to run into, or they skimp on the job in some way, because they’re having to cover themselves for the money that they’ve lost her that they’re losing by not doing things the correct way. That’s not really the way. We think you should go about doing business, it’s not a way that we feel a business should treat their customers. So we work extra hard to make sure that we major project for your kitchen cabinets or flooring for what it needs to be, but you’re not hit with any surprises. Also, when we order material for you, we have to come measure for floor covering. We try to make sure we order enough to get the job done. We order enough material to be sure that we don’t have to order 5 more boxes or two more boxes of material right there at the end of the job, because we measured short to try to make your bed lower than what it needs to be and then come back and charge you for that excess.

That’s also a shady business practice. He’ll agree with doing that. We basically quote the job of what it will cost us to do that job and we figure in the for sure we’re not going to come back and hit you for that money, we’re going to make sure we go ahead and order that material cuz, in my view, is our. It was our fault for figuring that job short-throw going to cover that. Likewise, if we figure over well, so we take back to you figure that into the job I’m going to make sure that you’re not having to spit out more money than what you anticipated to get this job done. I want to be sure that you’re completely satisfied with your kitchen cabinets or your floor, covering that you buy from wilds cabinets and flooring. We are wild cabinets and flooring. We have been serving south mississippi since 2005, with floor covering and custom cabinets picayune with actually been in the custom cabinets picayune business much longer than that. That’s when we officially started doing business under our new corporated name. We are family owned and family run business and we’re happy to have been serving the top of the area for many years and have them sent to expand our reach to serve the hattiesburg area, purvis area. We do a lot of work and thinking. We do a lot of work in wiggins mississippi to do a lot of work in the gulf coast, area and parts of louisiana. We are full-service flooring dealer. We offer sales and installation of laminate floors vinyl for ceramic tile carpet, you name it just floor covering commercial flooring. We can get it for you. We can also have it installed for you, but just be sure to contact us today. Go to wilds cabinets and flooring. Dot-com check out our website visit our facebook page look for deals of the week. We have deals every week on product or try to bring you the best prices on products so that we can match that with our top, not service and sure that you have a great experience. Wonderful buying experience when you purchase things from wilds custom cabinets picayune and flooring will see you again next time, thanks for tuning in goodbye

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