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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune! What a blazing hot day we are having down here in the ole’ parts of Poplarville, Ms. If you are anywhere but here right now than I am sure you are feeling much cooler. Unless you are in the amazonian rain forest or something. Today Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is still working on all those cabinets. Of course yours truly is not working on them, but simply surveying everyone’s hard work and efforts. I think they are doing a spectacular job, especially when the create that nice fortress for me.

Holistic Interiors

There is not much that home remodeling and design hasn’t or will not delve into. In today’s Custom Cabinets Picayune article we are going to be talking about holistic interiors. Now, this could mean virtually anything. Society has taken the word “holistic” and made it into something that takes on whatever meaning we assign to it. But that really isn’t truth, is it? So whatever version you want to call this holistic, it is what we are going to be talking about as far as interiors go. Holistic interiors are a thing and in today’s article we are going to talk about some of the qualifications that make a space “holistic.”

Crystals and Stuff

According to an article in my news app on my beloved phone, a holistic interior has all the natural stuff you can think of that makes up the stereotypical holistic space. Naturally, feng shui and vastu, whatever they are… we will talk about that later, play an important role in creating a holistic interior. There are also magic healing crystals and stuff to add holistic decorative items to your space. Don’t get me wrong, I love crystals. I just have to do more research on how a piece of manufactured rock can heal your mind and body. Just saying.

Feng Shui & Vastu

Okay, let’s be honest. Does anyone really know what feng shui and vastu are? We place our furniture in strategically odd angles and then when someone asks what’s up with our weird living room we can sound smart and put together and say, “It’s feng shui.” That’s one way we can fool people into believing we have our lives together. But apparently there have been some studies that prove that the way we organize our homes have something to do with our health.

Colors and Textures

We do know that colors and textures have something to do with our mental health and state of well-being. For instance, warm colors have been known to promote excitability in human beings. Not all of excitability is a good thing. Anxiety and anger are just two negative excitable emotions that can be caused by warmer, bolder tones. Cooler tones have been known to chill people out, especially pale blues. Be careful with the cool tones however if you are prone to depression. Creating a holistic space that is uniquely in tune to you will depend on how you respond to which colors and tones. We’ll talk about textures some other time apparently.

Mental Health Promotion Room

If you want to create the ideal holistic home then you will want to have at least one room or space designated for the promotion of your mental and physical health. Some people call it a “healing room.” These rooms are specifically designed to be physically and mentally rejuvenating. Designing this room on your own might require you to do some homework on your end unless you would rather hire a professional. But let’s be honest, no one has the time or money to hire a professional.

Basic Holistic Bedroom

So the basic holistic bedroom would look a little something like this: simple, nearly frameless bed and beside it wooden or woven nightstands made from materials that came from natural sources. The walls would be painted a beige white or a cool/warm tone mixture such as taupe. A dark woven rug would lay at the foot of the mattress while a wicker (see previous articles) rocker would sit in the far corner of the room. The floors are natural wood of course with only the most natural finishes. Lighting is used with environment safe bulbs and stuff like that.

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Custom Cabinets Picayune

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