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Good afternoon female readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune! Today Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is making this article ALL about our lady readers, especially since yours truly has a cold hearted, unsympathetic fiance and this is the only legal way to get back at him and let our her frustration. Male exclusion makes me feel better, but in the grand scheme of things will it even make a difference? No, because women are constantly being shoved down the leadership ladder. Or maybe it’s because women have to take care of insane things like trying to work and clean up your doggy’s wormy poop.

Girly Spaces

Men rule the world, but they can at least let us have our girly spaces. Women love feminine things. Even the most boyish of women enjoy some girly things. It’s just how we are made. So why not give us our girly spaces? Pinks and glitter and kitties and hearts–stereotypically these are the things that men will not be caught dead around. However, like men have their man caves, women can have their glitter huts as a retreat from man land. We have a way to express our girliness without being judged.

Concepts of a Girly Space

There are a few things that make a girly space, or rather, things you need to take into consideration when remodeling space to make it into a girly space. For instance, a “woman” space does not have to have the stereotypical girly things in it. As long as you make this space yours and allow it to represent you as the individual then the space is a s womanly as you intend it to be. Another thing to take into consideration is what kind of function you are wanting this space to serve.

Glamour Girly Space

Personally, I love the glamour girly space. The glitter and fluff is magnificent. There are some factors that make up what one would call a glamour space. I already mentioned glitter, but there are also bolder feminine colors such as pink and purple. Gold is a traditionally glamorous contributor for a girly factor as well which is a personal favorite of mine as well at the moment. Be aware if you are using gold that it comes in numerous shades just like other colors. So keep that in mind when deciding to use gold. You do not want to end up with a shade that does not fit your preferences.

Simple Girly

A lot of people rather simple girly. It is refreshing and calming. A pleasant splash of feminine touches can instantly change a room around to better fit your lady-like feels. Pastels, wild flowers, calming colors and pretty things will make up the simple girly. Maybe a kitty here or there. Every girl needs a kitty. Simple girly is not about bold colors and crazy glitter. You do not want to make this space look like a runway, but rather a fresh place to sit back and chill in your girliness.

Minimalist Chick

So what if your thing is not an overly decorative space with lots of color and whatnot? Well there are such a thing as minimalistic women, not just men. How does a minimalist girl make a space of her own? Same way you would you own house… Add even simpler feminine touches such as pale pinks for color and a couple of delicate frames and such. Do not forget rugs! Rugs can add the feminine touches you are looking for in a feminine minimalist space. Lettering is a cool way to add some uniqueness to a minimalist space as well.


There are still ladies out there who absolutely adore the rustic chic look. But maybe this something you do not want distributed throughout your house, but instead confined to one space that is uniquely your own. Rustic does not have to be predominately masculine. Woman, take the rustic chic and make it your own with beautiful white washed pieces and vintage decor to make your space pop. You should be able to go to your closest home remodeling store and find the decor and pieces you are looking for to make your space totally rustic chic.

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