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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Picayune! It is another afternoon dedicated to the riveting writing of Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring articles. Today’s product of the week is a cute UFO cookie jar that looks just like a regular glass jar with a beige UFO shaped lid. It’s generic and simple, but apparently that is what people are going for these days, just like significant others. Generic and simple. So far it has been a stressful day in the south of Ms. Temps are getting up to the nineties and the sun is a scorching sunburn orange. Life is not comfortable right now at all…

Crazy Spaces

People are crazy these days so why would their homes be any different? Today on Custom Cabinets Picayune we are going to be discussing some crazy spaces in homes, some legit and some made up in the vivid and disturbing imagination of yours truly. Do not try to figure out which ones are real and made up because you will inevitable be wrong every time. Just saying. With today’s money rich people are able to be even more frivolous with their earnings than ever, especially when it comes to their homes. There are children in Mexico living in cardboard boxes at the dump…

An Apartment With A Slide

First of all…how do you even get a slide in your apartment when you do not even own your apartment. You rent it. It blows my mind what money can do. But there is an apartment in existence that has a slide sloping down the middle of the living room. Lifestyle of the rich and famous, I tell you. The space is relatively normal with a neutral wall and light wood floors. There is a moderate amount of minimalistic decor that almost detracts from the wooded slide in the middle of the apartment.

Salvatore Dali

Ever heard of this eccentric deceased artist? His home is one of the craziest spaces I think I have ever witness on television. His borderline disturbing, bright art covers nearly every square inch of his home. Down to the pool detailing which is unfortunately shaped like a male body part, Dali’s home makes the top of the list of the craziest spaces in home design and remodeling. If I recall correctly his home can be toured. I think it’s like over seas of something like that so only rich people can check out each other’s rich homes.

Paint Splattered Bathroom

Splatter and bathroom are not the two words you want to hear in the same sentence. However, in this case, you do. Another crazy space is a paint splattered bathroom. The walls are all literally splattered with strategically placed and themed paint colors. The size of the splotches are varied to create that funfetti look in the walls. Maybe a clown lives there, maybe a clown was murdered there. We will never know. The furnishings are all bronze to go with the color palate. The decor is neutral to not take away from the splatters.

House In The Hill

No, we are not talking about Hobbiton. There is a house built into a hill, a circular space like a UFO crashed into the side of the hill and stuck deep into the grass. The edges are white almost like plastic and the inside has a complete glass covering. Is this the work of mediocre people? Of course not. Only the rich and famous have extravagant means to that sort of wasteful home design. I am not sure who lays down at night and thinks to themselves, “Gee…I sure love that my house looks like an egg stuffed inside the side of a hill.”

Cloud City

This type of crazy space is typically seen in a child’s room for the first few years of its life. But there are those adults out there who have never outgrown the sky house fantasy. This space is basically a cloud palace drenched in all whites and the palest of blues, pinks, and purples. If I have to have a favorite of these crazy spaces this one would be it. This space is a bedroom with a built in white wooden canopy in the center of the room.

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