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Cork Furniture

Cork furniture is making a comeback in these parts of the world. In the past cork has been used predominately for wine stoppers. And let’s be honest, we never really thought that far outside the box that cork may have originally been used for something else besides alcoholic enjoyment. With the rise of eco-friendly home trends, cork was bound to find its way into the home design world. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, cork is actually a very natural material and right up there with natural wood. Cork may not necessarily have the same stability as wood, but as we go on you will see how cork might be the next best thing since LVT.

What Is Cork?

Upon my research I had no idea what cork was. I mean, I had seen it in wine bottles and your plain cork boards like the majority of the nation. But I didn’t know that cork was wood and one of the most natural materials to use for building supplies. Cork comes from…get this…a cork tree. Cork oaks grow mostly in Portugal, Spain. The bark is a great insulating material and helps the trees survive in the Mediterranean heat.

How Is Cork Made?

The process in which cork bark goes from the trees to the chair in your eco-friendly, contemporary living room is simple. The simpler the better when it comes to eco-friendly. The cork is stripped from the trees and does not harm the trees in any way. The skin underneath the bark is a beautiful matte wine color and will soon regrow the bark only to be stripped again. After the bark is stripped it is stored on concrete on pallets and then boiled to soften. The bark is thin and looks more like charred pork chops then wood.


The boiled planks are softer, flatter, and easier to work with. They are then “graded” and cut into even more workable pieces depending on what the cork is going to be used for. There are different methods in which the cork bark is then cut. Some are punctured for things such as wine stoppers. Other pieces are cut up and blended together to create that traditional blended look we are so accustomed to seeing. Furniture made out of cork may have another way of being cut and blended together in order to maintain a strong stability to withstand heavy weight.

History of Cork

The earlier date of cork being used is 3000 BC when cork was used in fishing tackles in China, Egypt, Babylon, and Persia. In the 4th Century BC remains have been found where cork was in floats, stoppers, women’s footwear, and even roofing materials. In 1903 cork was being used in transmission belts which blows my mind and also in WWII military equipment. A 1950’s American company produced the first agglomerated cork tiles with vinyl film coverings. So before you totally dismiss cork as an inferior building material think about all of history when cork basically played a vital role in the preservation of human life and the progression of human advancement.

Fun Stuff

So now that we have spent this time discussing what cork is and how it has been used in history let’s talk about cork in the modern day. What does cork have in store for us in the future? Right now people are getting even more serious about eco-friendly products that fit minimalism and contemporary styles. Eco-friendly is not a fad, but a lifestyle so people are going to take cork pretty serious, in my opinion. If it can be sturdy and natural then why not use cork for furniture? Go to check out your local home decor store and ask about their cork furniture and products. You may be surprised with what they have.

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