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What a tremendously warm afternoon it has been, Custom Cabinets Picayune! And a massively uncomfortable one at that. Yours truly still needs to have a colonoscopy and her left eye drained, but on the bright side, I am not dead yet. It is about twenty minutes until the work day ends and I can rest at ease as my stomach cramps for the rest of evening. As we have been mentioning in the rest of our articles, it is Halloween tomorrow and Poplarville will be teaming with life as children in their little get ups cluster together to form miniature mobs until they get their candy. Unless you come across the passive aggressive ones who burn your souls with their eyes, hiding behind their shyness. Yes, it is that time of the year when families and loved ones begin getting together for the holiday season.

Custom Cabinets Picayune, have you ever wondered what your significant other would be like if he or she were more like a cabinet? Never letting you down, always there when you need them, being great listeners, and holding your things when you need them to. How fabulous would that be if, for instance, instead of your boyfriend falling asleep on your floor he could be holding your coffee mug like your cabinet would do. Or instead of never being there for you he could be more like a cabinet who you can always trust to never fall off the wall and be strong and sturdy for you. Custom Cabinets Picayune

People all over the world are trading in their boyfriends for cabinets. Reports have shown that they have never been happier. Cabinets are taking over the nation, replacing boyfriends. It is like the kind of virus you want to catch. You turn around and there is your cabinet. Always there, always being strong. You never have to worry about your cabinet mouthing off or trying to sound intelligent. They will not talk condescending to you or down to you like you are not worth as much as they are. When you are craving popcorn you open your cabinet and there it is right there. Cabinets always have what you need. They bring a sense of security that boyfriends used to do, but now there are always playing video games or hunting… Cabinets never play games or hunt. There are there whenever you need them.

Now that this revolution is taking place in the nation Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are having to up their game to tackle all the custom cabinet orders they are getting in. People everywhere are requesting custom cabinets, some asking for flesh toned cabinets to resemble human beings. Yes, it has gotten insane. We are booked with creating human like custom cabinets, Picayune. Like every controversial invention, there have been groups formed to rally against the production of human like cabinets. There are fears that the cabinets will eventually rebel and take over the world. With the advances in technology custom cabinets have become more like robots than humans. There are electronic cabinets, which we will be discussing the our next article, that open themselves and have electronic locks that help with keeping the kids and addicted relatives out of the medicine cabinet. There are a lot of benefits from ordering customized electronic cabinets.

There are pros and cons with using cabinets to replace people. One of the most important reasons is that people lose contact with reality. A study done at the university of cabinetry shows that a high rate of people who used cabinets as people lost a sense of communication. They drastically lost their ability to socialize with human beings. A small percentage reverted back to infantile behavior. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring do not recommend becoming too dependent on cabinets as a replacement for human interaction. This study was done among an equal amount of both men and women between the ages of twenty-five and fifty. The women in the age group between forty and fifty showed the most likely to purchase humanoid cabinets, but were less likely to become dependent on them. The age group between twenty-five and late thirties were more prone to falling dependent. Men in all age groups were the least likely to order humanoid cabinets, but were the most prone to falling dependent on them.

Cabinets in place of human beings is a touchy subject among many Americans, but in the end it is all left up to the individual. Is it right or is wrong? Will cabinets take over in the end? We shall see. As far as Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are concerned they make sure their cabinets are built for the safety of the human population. We can guarantee that our cabinets will not lead to a hostile take over. Instead of risking it and going to some random cabinet shop, come to Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring, the cabinet shop you can trust. Custom Cabinets Picayune

For more questions concerning the topic of humans and cabinets, and the rise of electronic cabinets call Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring at (601) 795-0305 and ask for Jenna. She can answer all of your questions regarding the articles and issues in Custom Cabinets Picayune. If you were spooked by the idea of cabinets taking over the world and you would rather talk face to face with a human being come on down to Poplarville, Mississippi and visit our show room where we have rows of flooring samples and our brand new display of the fabulous granite counter top samples. You simply cannot miss seeing these samples. They have been said to inspire many a great artist.

Well this has been another issue of Custom Cabinets Picayune. I hope you enjoyed your time of perusal with us today. We hope you continue to read on about the adventures of Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. You never know what you are going to read next! Do not forget go like us on Facebook and look around on our page. We have many wondrous things there. Until next time, be safe Picayune.