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Happy Afternoon residents of Picayune! Welcome to another snarky article brought to you by the anonymous and nameless individual working at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring, always here to bring enlightenment and entertainment to the nation. Custom cabinets Picayune has been our main topic of discussion for the past several weeks and we at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring do not plan on stopping the tirade any time soon. As detrimental to society we believe custom cabinets Picayune is to the world, today we are going to hit the pause button on our cabinetry discussions and step off our soap box for about an hour to bring you an educated article about Luxury Vinyl Tile. So sit back in your favorite chair with your electronic device in hand and prepare your brain for download…

A caffeinated beverage is recommended upon proceeding with the article. We will wait while you gather your fixings.

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At some point in our lives we have an Alice in Wonderland experience and come to the revelation that everything we thought we knew was wrong and we really know nothing. Luxury Vinyl Tile is our rabbit we are chasing down the swirling purple hole. LVT flooring is a simple structure for the simple minded to understand, which explains why luxury vinyl tile flooring has become such a favorite among the American population. Custom cabinets Picayune is not an exception. Thanks to the writers who have taken the time to bestow enlightenment upon me, this information can now be passed on to you.

Custom cabinets Picayune, we are going to start with what Luxury Vinyl Tile is because if you are anything like me the words “Luxury” “Vinyl” and “Tile” would never go together. You catch yourself overwhelmed and bombarded by questions such as “If it’s vinyl then why is it tile?”  Back in the day vinyl was not considered a luxury. Vinyl placed somewhere next to shoehorns on the list of things the people desire. Far from being drool-worthy, vinyl always brought about images of decrepit single wide mobile homes that rats sat on the counters and glared judgmentally at the floor and turned around and left. But since technology has made such leaping advancements in the flooring industry Luxury Vinyl Tile is now a coveted home essential. LVT is flying off the shelves. Consumers everywhere are searching for LVT to replace even the nicest ceramic tile and hardwood flooring in the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, ect. Luxury Vinyl Tile also comes in an array of styles, patterns, and colors that match the vibes spilling from your personal aura. Atmosphere cleansing has never been so easy and looked so good. Luxury Vinyl Tile is available for any budget, custom cabinets Picayune, whether you are the happy surgeon down the street or the stressed and scrounging bar hopper up the road. LVT is for everyone!

Our Luxury Vinyl Tile education breakdown journey begins with the anatomy of LVT. The term “luxury vinyl tile” is used to describe the world of vinyl-based tile floors. Just like with people, luxury vinyl tile flooring, or the abbreviated term “LVT,” if you haven’t already noticed, comes in two different levels of pliability: flexible and rigid. Each has its pros and cons, but mostly pros, especially when you buy luxury vinyl tile at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring, custom cabinets Picayune. All luxury vinyl tile flooring is made up of several layers that make each flooring plank uniquely spectacular for the consumer’s home. According to your preferences, luxury vinyl tile flooring has a selection of styles, colors, and patterns to fit your individual needs for your home. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is ideal for every room of the consumer’s home. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices–LVT is the best type of flooring that will fit any and every budget. LVT also comes in an array of textures that mimic wood, tile, or marble. For those of our customers with a deficit in imagination, different types of textures include distressed, wire-brushed, or handscraped for the wood floor look. These are things you need to know, custom cabinets Picayune!

To further open up the understanding of our consumers custom cabinets Picayune, luxury vinyl tile flooring comes in many different installation varieties. There is the traditional “glue-down” method we are all used to. Let the orchestra of groaning begin… The glue-down method was once a brilliant discovery that changed the luxury vinyl tile flooring industry for the better. A lot like hairy cavemen with the development of the “wheel” (pretty sure that’s not how it happened), product buyers thought they had stumbled upon the invention of the century when glue-down LVT struck the market. Consumers now had beautiful flooring that was affordable and was not entirely a migraine inducing process. People everywhere loved squirting out the potent scented glue and the satisfaction of slapping down plank after plank. Sturdy, durable flooring that did not look like the paper floors in little girls’ Barbie houses came with a price, however. Not all of us have that keen hawk-like vision that can smell when there is a breech in symmetry. So many of us savor the memories of our fathers standing up from the newly placed LVT flooring, dusting off his knees, face scrunched, mouth ajar, shirt collar askew. He would stand, stretching his back, a preemptive smirk of pride plastered on his face only to watch it drip off at the realization that he had placed the LVT flooring just a quarter of an inch off. The glory of a job well done roasted in flames and the house was filled with the sounds of your father’s war cries because the kitchen floor was all leaning diagonally a quarter inch to the left. Come the holidays, Aunt Edna would walk into the kitchen with the grace of a cat on a wobbly stair railing.

Despite all the magnificent pros of the glue-down method there was still that one con that drove even the mentally strong off the sanity wagons. According to our sources, removing glue down LVT can be one of the most difficult jobs to have to do, which is why in our future articles we will dedicate an entire session to the removal of LVT. For now our time together has come to an end and I bid thee all a very fond farewell until next time, custom cabinets Picayune. Stay classy.