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Afternoon South Mississippi! It is time for another round of Custom Cabinets Picayune. And what a fine day it is for our loyal readers to sit down with a cup of coffee and peruse our latest issue. No, we do not mean the kind of issues that require special pills. Among the various tools we like to provide our customers, information is one of our most powerful sources. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring have created the “custom cabinets” blog, if you will, for the benefit of the customer. The purpose of the custom cabinets “blog” is to inform the customer. Inform them of what you ask? Home remodeling is an area of life one cannot avoid forever. Preparation is the best way to avoid potential disaster in any area of your life. Why should home remodeling be any different?

Acoustics is one of the areas of home remodeling we tend to neglect. When getting a home built, whether or not our voices are going to echo is not a concern. Unless you are a professional singer who does his or her routines in the laundry room, I do not think acoustics come to mind. Back in the eighteenth century churches had fine acoustics. The structure was built specifically to promote the vocal acoustics. Even further back than that the monastic monks had a tremendous choir with rich deep vocal acoustics. There were no modern day amps and electricity and soundboards. To this day catholic churches are made to promote the vocal acoustics of the choir and priests.

There are a few ways to create nice acoustics in a building, specifically for auditoriums and opera houses. Acoustic ceiling tile is the most popular sound absorbing solutions. The next most popular are hanging baffles which are panels strategically suspended perpendicular to the ceiling. Next on the list is acoustic partitions and acoustic foams. Since most buildings that are constructed for awesome acoustics require lots of space, it is rare to find a smaller room with amazing acoustics. Cathedrals and auditoriums are not only massive to allow large amounts of people to move comfortably in and out and about. The larger the space the better the acoustics. The more room, the more space there is for sound to travel. Next time you are off on a trip around Europe, stop by one of the cathedrals in Italy and belt out a tune or two. Just make sure not to touch anything.

What do acoustics have to do with us normal people? There are special people working in secret places that have the people in Picayune and readers of custom cabinets Picayune in mind when formulating acoustics for normal residential areas. There are quite a few home owners who are looking for homes that have sound proofed rooms. This is beneficial for those individuals who suffer from neurological and visual diseases. There have been many solutions developed over the past few years that have contributed to the acoustic world. According to an article in Floor Trends, “There is a great deal more thought and research taking place in this area. We have spent a great deal of time, energy, and resources understanding acoustics in space and how we an have positive impacts in developing solutions, whether it multifamily unit, floor to floor transfer or within an open office environment where we can develop materials and installation materials that help mitigate challenges with sound.”

Cabinets and flooring make a tremendous difference in the quality of acoustics in the building. Depending on the type of flooring you choose for your home the sound may be muted or amplified. Personally, I would think carpet would help mute a lot of noise. Considering that it is technically padding the fluff would be a great accessory to sound muting. The rage of luxury vinyl tile plank taking the world by storm also plays a part in sound muting and amplification. There are types of vinyl tile that is specifically made to mute the sounds of feet walking around on the floor. Personally, that can be a little creepy. It is always nice to know when there is an intruder skulking around in your home.

How do cabinets play a part in acoustics? There is a theory that cabinets can either help or mute the acoustics in a room. Let’s break down this theory. Cabinets take up extra space in a room therefore eliminating space that creates more acoustics. However, there is a study that shows when cabinets are left open and empty they help amplify the acoustics in a room creating an excellent space for singing and music.

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As always custom cabinets Picayune, it has been real and rather disconcerting. Until next time people of the city of Picayune, stay classy and make sure to do your cabinet and flooring business with Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We want to make your home the best it can be for the price you can afford. Come back next week for another round of Custom Cabinets Picyaune. We look forward to your business! Custom Cabinets Picayune