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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. The rain has held off so far this afternoon. Warnings have gone out all along south Mississippi, schools are closing down, and work is letting out early. Will there be a terrible storm this evening or will the inhabitants of south Ms be spared? Only time will tell. And maybe my fiance who knows everything. It is a little after one in the afternoon right now and the clouds are growing thicker by the hour like the taco in my stomach. The workers of Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring all are working with the satisfaction of full bellies. Maybe the day will not turn out so disastrous after all, Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg.

Yellow & White Spaces

According the great news app on my phone, yellow and white themes are becoming a fad. Personally, yours truly is not a fan of the color yellow and the thought of a yellow and white themed space I can’t help but think of an enormous canary squatting in a room and taking a dump. However, there are several people out there who absolutely adore the yellow and white themed spaces and are adamant about planning their remodeling theme after such.

So…Any Yellow?

Why, yes indeed you can use any color yellow. Whatever type of yellow color that pleases your eye will work fabulously with the yellow and white theme. If you would like less of a lemon yellow and more of a Big Bird yellow than go right on ahead and make your yellow and white theme dream come true. But do not forget that whites come in different shades as well as yellows and blacks. To avoid disasters such as combining two incompatible yellows and whites take home some test colors and swipe them on your wall to see what you think. And remember, not all colors are going to look the same in every home and every room. Lighting is an enormous key to consider.

How Do I Make It Work?

Apparently, the yellow and white theme tends to have a certain pattern to follow. Some examples include 1.) white walls and yellow furniture, 2.) Yellow walls and white furniture, 3.) Yellow walls and white accents and decor, 4.) White walls and yellow accents and decor, and 5.) Neutral walls with yellow and white accents and decor. Really, anyone can make the yellow and white theme work. It all depends on what you as the home owner expect to get out of it.

Does It Involve Birds?

Not everything that is yellow has to involve birds. A lot of people may want to go with the bird thing since yellow is for some reason indicative of tiny feathered creatures…even though most people have never even seen a yellow bird. But if you are anything like me and don’t particularly care for birds all over your house, be careful to not give into the urge to plant a bird figurine in your yellow and white theme space. The compulsion will be real, but resist it, Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg.

Retinal Damage

Since yellow and white tend to be bright colors, mixing them together in a theme such as this one may cause retinal damage if not done properly. Keep in mind that not everyone can handle the intensity of a yellow and white room. White reflects light more than any color, which is funny because it technically is not a color. However, the lighter the “color” the more light it reflects. If you have particularly sensitive eyes you may not want to go in the direction of a yellow and white space, especially if you are prone to migraines.

How Long Will This Fad Last?

To be honest, in my opinion the yellow and white theme will not last very long. Most bright colored themes last for maybe a season and then people get sick of it and are ready to redesign their space to something more chill. Bright colors are stimulating and can worsen symptoms of anxiety and panic and anger. It it probably best for the world that the yellow and white theme comes and goes quickly with as little retinal and emotional damage as possible. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring would hate to hear that any of their customers have suffered negative results from a yellow and white theme.

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Well, we certainly hope our readers enjoyed another issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg brought to you by the chick at the side desk and Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. We hope to have you come back again for our next article that will feature complaints on who incredibly frigid the store room is at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring…or maybe my thyroid is eating itself. Until next time Custom Cabinets and Flooring, stay safe in this weather and remember to go to our Facebook page and like and follow us! Peace out!