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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! We have returned for the last article in this round of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We will be starting off next with Custom Cabinets Picayune. Until then we will take this last chance with our readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg and have a great and educational time together. Does that not sound swell? About as swell as my itchy scalp! Perhaps it’s all the stress at home and with a wedding. Or maybe it is just a few fleas from my precious Wilhelmina. I guess we will never know until all my hair falls out.

Wedding Inspirations

These days home owners are snatching inspiration from anywhere. One of the upcoming ideas of home remodeling inspiration is weddings. Home owners are taking wedding themes and using those ideas to formulate a new design in their homes. Of course wedding themes are so beautiful and tasteful why not use their inspiration to decorate your homes? I know what some of you males are thinking and you are so very wrong as usual. Not all wedding themes are over prissy. Some are incredibly minimalistic and rustic. There are some manly elements in a home inspired by a wedding theme. Just you wait and see!

Boho Wedding

The boho theme is a fad all over the place and picking up speed. Whether it be the fashion industry of home design, the boho theme is a great way to decorate your wedding or your home. Take a few pointers from Pinterest and start decorating your home in total and complete wedding inspired boho. If you do not know what boho is, that is what the internet is for. Research and then go to town creating a wedding inspired boho themed space in your home.


If you are looking for an elegant touch to your home then really a great way to gain some inspiration is checking out elegant wedding themes. You will find more inspiration there than anywhere else since the majority of women want elegant weddings. Whether it is cliche or not people always love a good old fashioned elegant wedding. Think queen of England meets Donald Trump and there you will have your elegant styled home. Not really, but that was the only thing that popped into my head and we don’t have all day to write these things. If you are confused about what constitutes an elegant wedding then do what the rest of the human population does and look it up on the internet.

Dream Catchers

Apparently dream catchers are big deal this season in wedding themes. Yours truly may just have one dangling from the sacred archway on her big day. Regardless how controversial or human deemed sacrilegious, dream catchers are snagging hearts all over the place these days and the looks of one in a home space is striking. There are dream catchers of many different styles, sizes, and designs to fit your purpose and look of your home. Check out home goods places and Amazon.


There are so many articles on this particular subject these days that my stomach is nauseated just from looking at the word. Rustic themes have infected weddings for what feels like years now. Even yours truly is going in that direction…sort of. But for some reason people are obsessed with this design. Rustic weddings are one place for you to find unique and creative inspiration for your rustic styled room or home. They always seem to have interesting little pieces that they either found laying around at a second hand store or made it themselves.


My personal favorite is the glam wedding inspiration. If you are anything like me then you are a freakin diva and need some glamour in your life in order to survive. If you want a unique take on how to decorate your glam designed space then check out glam weddings and look for the intricate pieces that make the glam wedding stand out from all the others. Most of the time these pieces are from stores and not junkin stores. You will more than likely be paying a pretty penny to pull off a glam styled space based off of a wedding. Trust me…I know…

Social Media

In a world dominated by technology, social media really is a force to be reckoned with if you want to function properly and efficiently in the modern world. Society loves Facebook and hates the dominion it holds over them. Yet, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has their page we encourage our customers to take advantage of the situation and check out all of samples pics of prefab cabinet work and flooring. You will be glad that you did. Make sure to like and follow our page to get the full benefits of Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring!

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