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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We have an interesting article ready for you today. For those of you who keep up this is the second issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg for the series. We hope our readers enjoy the stock we have ready for them this series. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring look forward to sharing all new information with our customers and readers. The product of the week according to my phone is the “cute mid century modern ceramic clocks.” They come in colors of pastels and sallow yellows and whites. They look quite quirky if I do not say so myself. Go check them out yourselves!

Warsaw Contemporary

Today for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg we are going to be taking about another home design similar to the minimalist types we have been seeing. The Warsaw Contemporary home design is not much different from the other types of simple yet modern styles we have been discussing. Named after what yours truly assumes to be an old wooden style and then contemporary design, Warsaw Contemporary is a light yet modern design that anyone can achieve in their homes. The Warsaw Contemporary design can be done on any budget.

What Is It?

What exactly is the Warsaw Contemporary home design? Well that is a great question that Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will their best to answer. However some things are better off being shown rather than told. Unfortunately our customers will have to go and search for pictures of Warsaw Contemporary home design. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring do not own the rights to any pictures of the Warsaw Contemporary home design and therefore cannot use any. Warsaw Contemporary home design is old school wood accents along with modern decor and furniture. Basically. Warsaw Contemporary can be done in several ways that is unique to the home owner.

Changing gears

On a side note apparently chaise lounges are a big hit lately. They come in all different styles and designs. Long gone are the days when chaise lounges are for the uppity snots. They still come in fruity frilly styles, but now they also come in more modern and cozy designs that fit better with the times. Personally, I have seen quite a few that I would get in place of an armchair. What better reading space than one with a large cozy chaise lounge in it? And if not for you then your cat would love to lay there all hours of the day. Think of the cats.

Back to Basics

Warsaw Contemporary home design is a back to basic type of home design. While being desaturated of color Warsaw Contemporary home design is by no means devoid of color. Simplicity is the term to use here. Like we said in the beginning, minimalism is a huge thing these days especially in home design. Small spaces benefit from the minimalistic style approaches. While keeping to simple designs there is room for discreet decor. The main phrase here is less is more.


Plants and greenery is a common decorative item found in the warsaw contemporary design. Plants being as natural a thing as they come they are one of the biggest decoration fads going on at the moment. Not only do the offer attractivity to the home, but health benefits to the person as well. Part of the home design themes going on this season is healthy and simple. Homes are going back to basics where they are more pleasing to the emotional health as well as the eye. Check out your local gardening store for some succulents which are also the rage these days. Yours truly desires succulents especially cacti which coincidentally is a big fad plant these days.


There really are not many colors to choose from when going in the direction of a warsaw contemporary home design. Bland would be the word yours truly would use. However most people would call it natural and neutral. Beige, oatmeal, white, offwhite, grey–these colors all would work famously. Keep in mind the warsaw contemporary home design can easily become too colorless. One thing to watch out for is going to crazy on the minimalism. Going too far in either direction will cause the look of your home to go down in attractiveness. Be wary of this if you plan on selling.

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