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Once again, we’re here with wild cabinets of Poplarville and if you’re looking for a cabinets Hattiesburg, we want you to be sure to contact files cabinets at 601-795-0305. If you’re, looking for exceptionally built cabinets built the way that you want them totally custom 100% all wood cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, we want you to call 601-795-0305. Also be sure that you visit the website where you can store. You can look at the cabinet work and the exceptional attention to detail that you’re going to find with wilds cabinets and check out that website at Wilds your Custom Cabinets in Hattiesburg for your kitchen if you’re in Picayune, Mississippi. We want you to also be sure that you can get custom cabinets built from us right here at Wilds Cabinets Picayune, Mississippi is located very near to our shop here in Poplarville and we’re happy to always service to picking an area with custom, cabinets and remember Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg don’t have to cost a fortune.

Custom Cabinets for your cabinets and Hattiesburg can be very affordable. It’S a myth or a Missunderstanding that Custom Cabinets often cost a fortune. You often hear quotes people saying they spent 40 thousand to ,000 on Custom Cabinets, but that’s not the case with wild cabinets custom cabinets Hattiesburg. Most of our Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg run anywhere from 6 to ,000. Is the average jobs that we do? What is a very affordable range when building a new house to get the kitchen cabinets that you want times? You can’t even get a prefab cabinet first cheapest. What you can get custom cabinets for by using our Innovative construction were able to offer a complete custom Cabinet for a better price, sometimes and what you can get prefab cabinets for now. That’S a lot of that depends on the type of style and design you pick out. If you need many cabinets and you are limited as far as your budget, we also have the option to be able to offer some prefabricated cabinets. If that suits your budget better or time constraints, Custom Cabinets will have a little more time required to get those bill for your custom cabinets Hattiesburg or as prefab cabinets. We can have them in in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. So, keep that in mind when you’re shopping for cabinets be sure to give us a call or check out our website. Please give us an opportunity to give you a price on your cabinets for your kitchen or your bathroom.

Just remember: you’re, going to get great quality. All wood custom cabinets from Wild cabinets, kitchen custom cabinets Hattiesburg and we were talking a little bit more about the prefabricated cabinets that were able to offer through the Heritage line that comes out of Tennessee. And we talked about all the different colors that are available. And some of the sizes and things that are available when it comes to the kitchen cabinets and also for the vanities in the prefab cabinets and some of the different custom sizes that you can get. The last thing we discussed was the microwave cabinets. How you can order two different styles of microwave cabinets: 1 style is going to be a wall microwave cabinet, which is just has just a microwave shelf on it. This cabinet is going to be 17 and a half in deep. The Shelf is the opening his 26in by 15 inches high, most of your store-bought microwaves in it just a standard, plug-in style microwave. If you have a higher quality built in microwave, that has the trim kit, then you’d want to upgrade to the built-in microwave wall cabinet. This one is also available in the 42 inch high or 36 inch high cabinets. We can do either one of those when you do your prefab cabinets. You also have a couple of different options for your Corners. You can either use a blind corner. A blind Corners made up of just standard Square type wall cabinets, but they Buddy each other at the corner and it’s called a blind Corner because you can’t see what’s going on that corner. But you can’t open the door, can reach all the way back into that corner, that another option would be to use a diagonal corner. Please diagonal Corners have a really nice look to him and you can get those in different sizes too, and then you can always input and appliance garage underneath those diagonal Corners where you’re not able to do that with a standard, blind corner cabinet. And then you can also get the 15 inch deep, diagonal small corner, and it’s going to be like considered an oversized wall Corner that stands out. You just typically you’ll see those to be higher than the rest of the cabinets or the something that they would use for alternating Heights to give a look of depth in prominence to the top cabinets, instead of just being one size all the way across. That’S a couple of options when it comes to those corner cabinet. Another option that you can get four corners for your custom cabinets Hattiesburg is going to an easy reach wall cabinet. This is a new product. This is going to be built real, similar to The Lazy Susan cabinets on the base on the basis, for it has the fold-out door with the piano type hinge on it. These doors are hands together in the center and you open the one door and it kind of hinges on that door. So you open up and have full access to that corner and that’s called a lot easier reach wall cabinet. That’S a good addition to the Heritage line, there’s something that’s new and it it does give a nice-looking another option. That’S typically wasn’t available that is not available in a soft-close hinge. That’S the only downside to that, but the mechanism on is going to be really smooth.

So it’s going to give you a nice closing anyway and they also have a return. Angled wall cabinet. Listen if you’re going to end a run oak cabinets and you want to be able to turn that back to the wall instead of having just a finish, then you can return that cabinet back to the wall and have two doors on that cabinet Trail access it For your for your kitchen custom cabinets Hattiesburg, when you’re doing a prefab cabinet, of course, you always have the option of putting glass doors on each of those cabinets and I’d be a door with a mullion or without them, without ammonia, and the mauryan is basically just A grid that kind of gives you the look of a went grid window when you have an inside that glass door. The other option would just be a solid piece of glass for more modern look, more contemporary, look versus a traditional look would be with annoying in it. Spy stores are also available, spy stores can be used horizontally or vertically, and you can you can order a horizontal Spy Store or a vertical spice drawer for your kitchen cabinets and your custom cabinets Hattiesburg. These have 5 wood drawers. There’S no drawer Glides on these is just a standard wood drawer. That kind of slides in and out, like a cubby hole. A couple other options will be wine, rack McKenna order, the wine rack and that comes in they are 15 inches. High is 30 inches wide by 12 in deep match to finish door styles, and, whichever color that you pick out it’s available in most of these colors, I think it’s not available in the painted gray right now. For some reason, there’s also a wine storage Cube. The cubes are small wine stores, you can just fit for bottles of wine in and they have to be installed between two cabinets and mount it to the wall. You can get them in different sizes, but those are pretty neat Edition as well to the to the cabinets I’ll keep your 12in deep is a couple more options available when it comes to the Heritage line of prefab cabinets that we’re offering here at Wiles cabinets. We want you to be sure that you have options when you shop with us, so that you can get the same service, whether or not you’re getting a custom Cabinet Hattiesburg or prefab cabinets to treat every customer with the highest amount of service that we can possibly offer. No matter if you’re wearing a small job or a large job, there’s no reason to sacrifice when it comes to service for your custom cabinets Hattiesburg, so give us a call while scabbing at 601-795-0305 or visit our website. That Wilds also be sure to do a Google search for a cabinets in Hattiesburg and see if our name comes up that way and then you can find our website and fill out a contact us form be sure to fill out that form, but get some Of our pass work that we’ve done if we look like you’d like to consider doing business with the US, would be more than happy to contact you the beginning to set up a time to meet either in our showroom or in your house to meet up. To begin the process of getting your cabinet layout done so that we can find the best possible layout and 3D rendering for your kitchen cabinets for your home.