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Times like these are meant to be cherished, readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. Take time on this beautiful spring afternoon and spend it outside reading the newest Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg article brought to you by Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring, where the customers’ best interest is our heart. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring strives to make our customers happy no matter how crummy their lives might be. The product of the day is a bonsai tree. Prices range depending on the type of tree. These trees make an excellent decoration for the home especially for those who with a simple home looking for some simple natural decor.

Spruce Up For Spring

What can you do to spruce up your home for spring? Easter is on the way and you can have family and friends coming by your old outdated house. You don’t really want to go through the entire renovation process, after all you still like your house. But what everyone else thinks is what matters. And they certain will come over and judge you. Today’s article we are going to talk about eight things you can do that will spruce up your home. We give research credit to the new app on my iphone.


A simple change in door color can totally alter the look of your home. Go bold with the colors or maybe just a fresh coat of white paint will do the job. Either way, by changing the look of your doors, whether interior or exterior, the statement will draw everyone’s attention away from the outdated things in your home and to the brand new door colors. Specifically bold colors which is a trend this season. People love the idea of something crazy in someone else’s home and they can go back and talk about how brave you are but how scared they would be to go bold like that.

Statement Ceiling

Not many people unless they are incredible nosy and judgement will be noticing your ceiling. But we have already established that those are going to be the kind of people that are in your home this spring. Why not try going over an old and dingy ceiling with a coat of paint? Like the doors, fresh paint can do wonders for a section. A statement ceiling is even more outstanding and will grab the attention and awe of anyone who decides to stay too long in your home. And if for some odd reason they don’t like it then they shouldn’t even been laying on your floors staring up at your ceilings anyway. But in the case that those people are there at your house, you will have a brand new statement ceiling that they will have no choice but to walk away singing your praises. Because who is so awesome that they paint their ceiling a bold color like purple? You are! Now they can go home and rethink their miserable lives while you lay in bed falling asleep staring at your freshly painted ceiling.

Switch Your Curtains

Switch out those nasty butt curtains. No one dusts or cleans curtains. So by the time you discover you need new curtains they are already caked with layers of blackened dust that surely harbors asbestos that can potentially kill your family. Go down to the dollar store if you have to and grab a new set of curtains that do not need to be destroyed at a nuclear testing facility. Biomedical researchers will no longer be a hassle with these new curtains until you let them go the way you did the first ones. Because let’s face it. You’re not going to change when it’s easier to change your curtains.

Oasis Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into an oasis! What does that even mean? It means your bedroom should be a haven, a beautiful get away when you are having introverted tendencies. You want people to walk into your bedroom and feel like they are at a tropical paradise. For the wealthy or financially impulsive install a marble hot tub in the middle of your bedroom. Do what you have to do to create an oasis in your bedroom. What about a mini fridge? Hotels have something going on. Learn from your favorite condo or hotel. Your bedroom should be a wonderland.

Wall Furnishings

No one really wants to walk into your home and be encapsulated by rows upon rows of pictures of your great aunt Martha staring them down with eyes the color of death. As precious as aunt Martha may have been, perhaps your living room is not the best place to advertise her saintlike face. Go get some new wall furnishings. Take you own pictures and frame them for crying out loud. Unless you are completely incompetent. That is that stores are for. Go to the store and find a picture that makes you happy and that doesn’t look like someone barfed up spaghetti and stirred it with a stick.

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