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Scandinavian Style

What better way to sail off from Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg than to dive into foreign home design? Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring couldn’t agree more. Today we are going to talk about Scandinavian home design which really is not too far from the types of styles and trends that have been circulating the American home design. Even in Scandinavia less is more when it comes to home design. Minimalism is making a massive influence to the home design world including other countries. This particular Scandinavian design is closely related to some of the home designs we have talked about on Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg.

Minimalist Scandinavian

Upon first glance Scandinavian home design is very much like the American minimalist design. Pale walls, mostly white, simple flooring, basic furniture, and sparse, clean decoration, Scandinavian home design is appealing to those of our simplistic customers. If we look deeper into the detail of a Scandinavian home design we can see that as close as it may resemble our minimalist home design there are some details that set it apart. We are going to talk about the details of a Scandinavian home design and why it could be ideal for you.


The biggest detail that sets apart the Scandinavian home design from the minimalist design is the monochrome factor. While white is typically the base color, any color can be used as the accent color. Decorations and furnishings are picked out to flow with the same accent color to keep with that monochrome look. The accent color is usually very calm and neutral. The less invasive to the senses the better with the Scandinavian home design. Natural colors but streamlined design, a technique that tricks the mind into thinking that the space is more than what it seems.


Plants and the color green in general is a common characteristic of the Scandinavian home design. One way to add color to a simple space while maintaining the naturalistic design is plants. Succulents, cacti, and ivy being a big trend in the plant world, these are going to be commonly seen with this design. Apart from the plant life, the color green itself makes an appearance. If the monochrome is too bold of a look then green accents including furnishings and decor adds a beautiful saturation to an otherwise unsaturated space.

Straight Lines

A feature that went unspoken but not unnoticed was the straight lining. Scandinavian home design is based around straight lines all in sync with each other. If you are obsessive compulsive then this particular home design will set your mind at ease. Clean lines and all centered with the straight forward design of the furnishings makes this design portray an immediate tidy feel. When considering decor for this home design keep in mind that even in the details, straight lines are important. Any deviation will lead the design to a more bohemian feel especially with the plants.

Best Design For Who?

The Scandinavian home design is good for people who are looking for a simple and clean, yet unique look for their space. Minimalism is not your thing, but you still like the idea of the look? Scandinavian home design might be what you are looking for. With a touch of neutral colors Scandinavian home design gives just enough saturation to please those who do not dream in black and white while still satisfying those who want a simple design that portrays clean lines and structure. All around the Scandinavian home design does not leave much to be desired with the healthy balance of simplicity and uniqueness.

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Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg

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