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Spring is officially here, readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! People are flooding to the beach in light of the sudden warmer temperatures. Despite the sloping temps during the night, midday in south Mississippi still presents with cozy warmth that incites beach lovers to venture towards the soft white sands of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sparkling blues, rich golds and oranges, cotton white sand and the numerous tones of pinks and corals of the all coveted sea shells children spend hours scooping up in the elusive waters. Orange and blue is a combination that most “eyes for color combos” pass up.

Blue & Orange

Both warm and cool, the blue-orange theme in homes, whether as a combo or a solitary color, is surprisingly attractive to the eye. Blue and orange are two juicy colors to add to any home space. Think starburst or skittles in home design mode. All tones of blue and orange count as the blue-orange theme that home designers are digging. With the warm verses cool tone “clash” rule blue-orange busts this rule by creating stellar accents in a space. If you are still a believer in keeping cool and warm tones separate you can still get the same mouth watering effect by selecting either blue or orange as a solitary accent color.

Ocean Blue

Summer is approaching and it is time to tuck away our winter jewel tones and replace them with a lighter, more airy version of themselves. There are so many tones of blue that it is near impossible for a human being that breathes air to not find the color blue they are looking for in an accent color. Ocean blue is that happy medium between Easter egg blue and Sapphire blue. Not only does this tone maintain the savory richness of color, but it is sensitive and light-appropriate for the incoming summer season.

Sunkist Orange

Orange does not have the best rep as a desirable color, especially in the home design world. This season however, home designers have decided to give orange a chance and give it the attention it deserves. With a mountain of potential as an accent color, orange in small or large doses can create a striking, delicious drip of color in a space. Warm colors are scientifically proven to cause excitability in the human mind so when incorporating orange or any warm color into your home palate be aware of how high of a dose you and your family and guests can handle.

As Combo

Blue and orange as a combo can be invigorating and refreshing in a space. Summer design can incorporate these colors and create a warm and rich palate that will be both visually and mentally pleasing. For the purposes of this article we are talking about blue and orange being strictly used as accent colors in a space. They can be equally striking separate and together. Something to keep in mind when using both of these colors together is that they are typically bold tones and if not used properly the colors can easily become gaudy and clownish.

Modern Furnishings

Typically, blue and orange together portray a modern style. Separately, the colors invoke completely different feelings in the human brain. Blues can fall in any category, whether it be modern, traditional, or rustic. Orange on the other hand is a stronger color and can easily become offensive in other designs, but tends to only enhance modern and quirky designs. When deciding on furnishings of blue or orange colors keep in mind that orange needs more thought where as blue is more flexible.

Common Accents

Pillows, mirrors, lamps–these are all considered “accent pieces.” Decoration is what the home owner makes it, but for the sake of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg today we are going to focus on the most common accent pieces. When deciding on which pieces to use for the orange or blue accent keep in mind that if you already have a larger furnishing you are using as an accent piece be selective about which smaller pieces you also incorporate in the blue-orange home design. Too much “accent” can quickly turn your space into a carnival…unless carny dwelling is what you are going for.

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