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Well, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to wild cabinets and flooring. Podcast I am greg. Wild I am a part owner and operator of wilds cabinets and flooring. We are full service having it flooring, dealer been in business for many years in the poplarville area, we do work outside of papa bill. We do offer our services outside of poplarville to areas including parts of louisiana get a lot of calls lot of the man for our services in the along the gulf coast as well lately, and we have really been getting a lot more work up north of usand, the hattiesburg area. We find that hattiesburg area has been in need of a good, reputable kitchen cabinet and floor covering dealer for many years or happy to help provide some of those services to you and custom cabinets hattiesburg. Mississippi was done quite a few jobs lately in them purvis area, which seems to be growing up pretty rapidly like doing work in purvis. What happened to do work and also pedal with dustin jobs recently in the fayetteville area, so I don’t mind taking a short drive up there too, coming I work for the people of hattiesburg, the good people of hattiesburg mississippi, if you’re in oak, grove mississippi, would love for you to reach out to us. Let us help you when you time comes when you need in kitchen cabinets, be sure to contact us, give us a phone call or visit our website. Www. Wilds cabinets.Com. We also are. This flooring dealer. So if you need carpenter ceramic tile, vinyl tile, we do a lot of work for the local hospital and local community college.

Can a business for many years, like i, said and I’m happy to be able to offer you a good quality service for the right price right here in poplarville mississippi to be sure to reach out to us cuz. We can’t help you. If we don’t know where you are, we should reach out to us and give leave us your information on our website or on your answer, machine or call and talk to his direct and will get back with you as soon as we can and will get your collect. That information from you begin the process of getting you a free estimate, don’t charge anything for our estimates for kitchen cabinets or flooring. We got to do that at no charge with also will not only just give you an estimate will provide you with a 3d rendering soccer space have your kitchen or area that you’re want to put cabinets in a little 3d mock-up for you on our stop computer software. So she can get a good visualization of what your space is going to look like when you are 4. You order cabinets, nothing worse than ordering your custom cabinets hattiesburg in waiting for them to arrive excitedly only for them to be installed, and then you find out that you hate the design of the layout. So we can help eliminate that problem by offering you 3d, rendering and design we don’t charge anything to do the design work for you. We have experienced cabinet designers, all staff that can help you do your layouts and give you a good, functional, functional and beautiful kitchen make sure you don’t fall into some of the common mistakes that people make in their kitchens we’ve seen it all.

After many years in the cabinet business, we have seen a lot of the mistakes that people make has lot of a lot of nice things that people do. People are pretty people out there that are a lot smarter than me, come up with some real nice ideas and beat things when they’re designer kitchens lot of people talented and doing that and nothing wrong with copying. What you see doing. That’s what the beauty of pinterest how’s the apps like that, where you can go on there and you can see what other people have done. People like to share what they’ve done in their homes, freaking steal ideas from him and do your best to incorporate them into into your kitchen. So we definitely recommend checking all that out. It’ll make your design experience a lot better lot of times. Customers will just send me pictures on their phone and can send them director, one of our cell phones here or email them to us and most diamonds pictures that they pulled up on pinterest, similar apps or websites, but I’ve gotten ideas for the space that they want to create to help us to visualize when they’re describing to us what they wanted, help us adele visualize that have to make it happen as accurately as possible, so that everyone is happy in the end and you’ll get what you deserve here in our show tanara cabinet shop right here in poplarville, we have a. We have a nice cabinet shop that we have all the tools needed everything to do, the job that you need done for your custom cabinets hattiesburg. We also install our own cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out who’s going to install your custom cabinets hattiesburg, how to make sure we send you reputable people, people that work for us people that we would only people that we would allow in our own home. We don’t want you to have to deal with people that are on rear, just respectful of your space, a great privilege that someone would allow us to come and work in their home. Don’t take that lightly. We want to move only want to make sure that we show our appreciation by respecting the area, respecting your your space and your home and giving you a proper installation and installation that it’s going to be everything is going to be laid out. Properly will be finished out well and everyone’s going to be very respectful to you.

While that’s going on so no worries there, I’m sure about my track record. Look up our google reviews. You can see where we had a good track record of happy satisfied. Clients feel free to look those up and check out our work. Then, when you’re ready to make the jump, give us a call come by and see you give us a call to come out and we’ll come measure your space come look at your house and I’ll. Try to make sure we get you a nice quote and 3d rendering for you done just as quickly as we possibly can so be sure to find us. You can always find us at www., wilds cabinets.Com or you can call our phone number 601-795-0305. Is it a best ways to contact us? Do a google search for cabinet speaking or custom cabinets hattiesburg who service both those areas, be sure to look those areas up as well and there’s google searches and see if you can find us and fill out information form and will get back to you just as soon as we certainly can. Thank you. Jenna goodbye

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