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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! I don’t know about you but I am about to commit myself to the emergency room for intoxication by pollen. If there has ever been a human being that died of sneezing too much, that would be yours truly. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is glad to have our loyal readers back and ready for another Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg article. We hope you enjoy this time together as we dive into the intricate maze that is home remodeling and design. Don’t forget to wash your hands of the filthy pollen, for those of our readers who dwell in the south.

Mondrian Effect

What is the Mondrian Effect? Home design has a new style that is driving everyone crazy, in both the good and bad way. The design was inspired by the painter Piet Mondrian’s paintings. The De Stijl artistic movement which is dutch for “The Style” is another name for the style of neoplasticism that is taking over the country. The look centers around pallid colors and the modern plastic look of furniture. Mondrian style coincides with another style growing in popularity and that is minimalism. Doth my ears hear some people cheering?


The Mondrian style is a mixture of modern and the simplicity of the bare essentials in home design. All clean lines, materials, and colors Mondrian style is quickly growing in popularity, but let us not forget its copilot and predecessor minimalism. Minimalism focuses on the connection between perfect planes, dainty and elegant lighting, and the “void of spaces.” Basically, Mondrian style is a subgroup of minimalism. While minimalism does not usually involve too many colors, Mondrian Style will have more color while still maintaining that minimalist feel to all the design and home remodeling across the country.

Getting the Mondrian Effect

Being an up coming design, home owners are more likely to find minimalist decor than Mondrian. But if home owners are willing to be patient, within time the Mondrian style is going to make its way into home designs departments and stores all over the country. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring suggest doing a bit of homework before diving right into the Mondrian design. You have to know about the design you want for you home before you start putting it to life. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring is always willing to answer anything questions our customer may have, but you can also try online research if calling is not your bag.

Wall Color

Wall color is fairy simple in the Mondrian design. In fact, simple is the main adjective you are looking for as a home owner and self designing. Pale and non intrusive colors is the way to go for a Mondrian wall color. This does not mean that your home will be devoid of color. The key is light and airy colors. Bright and striking is the Mondrian Style’s enemy. Washed out would be another term to use as far as color goes, but not grunge.


Usually, flooring would be a simple fix when designing a home. As far as the Mondrian Style is concerned, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring suggest our customers to be careful when deciding on which floor you choose to put in your Mondrian Style home. Again, simple and clean line floors is what you will be looking for in a Mondrian Style home. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring have a large selection of vinyl laminate plank that would work very well with the minimalist and Mondrian styles. Come stop by our show room in Poplarville, Ms down highway twenty six east. We would love to have you.


This is where the Mondrian styles gets fun, but challenging. Furniture can make or break your Mondrian style home. Remember the key words for every area is simple, clean lines. The less assaulting to the eye the better. Furniture needs to stay on the same pale color palate as the types of wall colors. Things do not have to necessarily have to match, but they do have to go together. Plasticity is what we are looking for as far as furniture is concerned. Plastic does not have to be the material, but the closer the furniture looks like plastic the better.


One of the easier categories as far as minimalism and Mondrian styles go is decor. Since Mondrian style and design revolves around simplicity and plasticity decorating is easy and can also be cheap. Clean line shapes for wall hangings is big right now so take advantage of it. A sub category to Mondrian and Minimalism is the terrariums. Plants and foliage has taken off in homes over the past year and more and more home owners are going crazy over this fad. Not only is it beautiful and falls into the Mondrian style, it is healthy!

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