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Good afternoon readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! Welcome to another issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. Today we are experiencing some climatic stress. Humidity feels to be at its peak, swollen grey clouds threaten the lands with rain, rain, and more rain. Thunder growls low in the distance, yet all is still. Except my nerves which can be to blame on the humans surrounding me in my life. They are all monsters who need to be locked in cages and treated as such. Maybe if we were back in the Middle Ages this kind of punishment would be acceptable. Alas, we are not.

Medieval Furniture

Have you ever sat down while you were complaining about going out in the rain in your nice vehicle to buy hordes of groceries and your cerebral light bulb started flickering? Not everyone was as privileged as we are at this time in age to have something like that to complain about. Yeah, I just implied that we should be grateful for our annoyances and complaints. Back in the Middle Ages people didn’t have the kind of things we do to “complain” about. They hardly had furniture and a roof over their heads. Most of them lived every day wondering if they were indeed going to lose their actual head.

Piece of History

Let’s set the scene. It is between the years of 426 and 1453 AD. You were at your physical peak in your early teens and could expect to die before your thirties. Everything was dark, cold, and long because winter seemed to be a permanent state in weather conditions. Most of time is lost from those years because record keeping was just starting to bloom. Furniture, if you had the luxury of owning any piece at all, was meant to be functional, not for looks. Furniture was considered a luxury item in these days.

Functional Furniture

One piece of furniture, if you were lucky enough to own any at all, would have several functions. Since most people owned basically nothing, one piece of furniture HAD to provide more than one purpose. Most possessions were used to help protect people from the brutal winters and most furniture had to do with sleeping and eating or both! I think we can all agree that eating and sleeping are still pretty freakin important to us these days. If you disagree…take a look around any major city and tell me what do you see mostly.

The Chest

To the Medieval peasant the most important piece of furniture was the “chest” or often called a “coffer” or “trunk.” The chest was made from a tree trunk or iron and was a vital piece of furniture because it fit the requirements of the times. Note that I said “requirements” and not wants or fads. The requirements for the chest were for it to be portable and to serve many different functions such as storage, seating, sleeping, a table, and a place to keep things safe. I think some of us trying to save money can understand the value in this piece, especially myself at the moment.


Another important feature in the Medieval home was the cupboard or cabinet. The cupboard was a place to both store and serve food. We haven’t done an article on a “hutch” but apparently that is the piece of modern day furniture the cupboard resembled the most. It had cabinets and drawers and also a flat surface where food could be placed. Sounds pretty versatile to me. Keep in mind that the homes in the middle ages were nothing like what we are used to living in these days. Even if they had the means for more furniture there is no way they would be able to fit it in there. This is excluding those part of the royal family and such.


If you had a little more means then another important piece of Medieval furniture would have been your table. The table was originally a board or a slab of wood laid across two tree stumps or another convenient surface. Kind of sounds like a Snow White picnic or something.  The table later evolved into a trestle table which we might do an article about later which was made of plain wood, usually oak. The table could be easily moved if need be.

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