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Medieval Furniture Pt II

In our last article we started talking about the furniture in the Middle Ages and how life was so drastically different back then. We are essentially some of the most spoiled human beings in existence. Statistics say that our generation has more things and more money but are more depressed and generally unhappy. Back in the Middle Ages I am sure they would beg to have our troubles. We spoke about how in the Middle Ages peasants, which were the majority, barely owned any furniture if anything at all and when they did have pieces of furniture they had to serve multiple purposes and needed to be easily moved around.

Most Important Pieces

Just as a recap from our last article the most important pieces that a Medieval peasant family could own were a chest, cupboard, and a table. The chest would serve many different purposes such as storage, seating, sleeping, a table, and a place to keep things safe. A table was often a slab of wood laid across two tree stump or whatever they could find. The cupboard or cabinets was like our modern day hutch and would serve as a place to store and serve food. It had cabinets and drawers as well as a flat surface for food. Furniture was meant to function in the two most important ways for a peasant in the Middle Ages which is food and sleep. That’s not too different from what we find important these days. Throw money and plastic surgery and then we would be on the same page. Remember that in the Middle Ages everything was cold, long, and dark since it was primarily the European countries that suffered in this way. There wasn’t much record keeping back then since it was just starting to become a priority.


Medieval seating obviously was not a thing since very little seating was actually available. Plus, people had to work their butts off in order to provide any kind of living and sustenance for themselves. Imagine your entire life being in that day and age and then you die. Seating was a problem for peasants. Sometimes they had benches or stools which would double as a place for sleeping. In wealthier families you would see a chair or two somewhere. Around this time the folding chairs were making it big because they could be moved around easily.


Now, beds were not common in the Middle Ages unless you were of noble blood. They started out as simple boards and then evolved during this time period to the four-post beds we all glamorize and covet today. The mattresses, for those who were fortunate enough to own one, were typically stuffed with straw. So if you were anything like me and were allergic to hay you were screwed. Blankets were made of wool or fur and were used to preserve warmth. A lot of people today are allergic to these materials as well… just think about how you would fare in this time. Curtains were also used around the four post beds to keep in warmth. These curtains became more elaborate in the noble households, naturally. I’m sure most of them were just fine and didn’t have to worry about breaking out in hives from allergies either.


The Middle Ages were brutal, but even back then you can see how furniture and cabinetry have survived and evolved throughout the centuries. People didn’t always have furniture and when they did it wasn’t for the purpose of making their house look nice or for comfort. It was only for survival. If you didn’t have any furniture then your chances of making it to thirty were probably cut in half. I’d be dead by now.

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