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Good morning trusty readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. Have you ever worked hard on something, put sweat, blood, and tears into it, spent hours on its production only for it to suddenly disappear? Yours truly spent quite a long time of a particular article that was meant to be shared with the loyal readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg to commemorate our last issue for a time. However, upon completion and submission apparently logging in was not actually logging in. It was a lie, a deception. I sat in utter disbelief as the article I nearly died to finish vanished before my eyes. Anyone who has had this experience or something similar understands the toll it takes on your well-being. Your physical and mental health has been traumatized. In fact, the stress of the entire situation has sent your adrenal glands into total fight or flight mode. They no longer function adequately. You are exhausted. Your appetite is gone and when it decides to surface you crave ungodly things such as metal and dirt. It’s called pica and usually only people suffering from anemia have it, but your body does not know what to do with itself. Humans can’t eat metal. What do you do? You cry because now you are in the emergency room with what you suspect is an autoimmune disease of the colon. Somehow you make it out of the emergency room and now you have a lovely follow up visit on Halloween. As you wait in the…waiting room…you notice that there is carpet. You cringe at the thought of all the bacteria and viruses shacking up between the fibers of the carpet. How can this be sanitary?!

But wait, custom cabinets Hattiesburg, the capital of medical institutions…

This carpet is not just any carpet. It is carpet tile which is specially made for commercial buildings, offices, and medical facilities. The fibers of this carpet is specially made to handle high amounts of disease without housing it years afterwards. This is amazing! You can hardly contain yourself at this new discovery. This is like carpet mixed with hard flooring! You can sweep it!

The receptionist calls your name. As predicted your name was mispronounced, but you shake it off. After years of being subjected to such torture in the wonderful public school system this little incident is nothing. As you are herded through the heavy swinging door, past the unnaturally smiling nurse, you notice a shift in the flooring. The nurse guides you up on the weird circular scale you assume is made that way for the elderly and disabled, your eyes catch on the tile flooring. But is it tile or luxury vinyl tile planks? Your brain is a whirl of wonder and you almost miss the nurse announcing your weight to the world. Almost.

Ceramic tile and luxury vinyl tile can both be seen in medical facilities. Both offer great sanitary options, however luxury vinyl tile comes in designs that make it more pleasant for the foot to walk on all day which is especially good for nurses. Both Ceramic tile and luxury vinyl tile come in styles that resemble hard wood floors that can make a doctor’s office feel more like a home setting the patient at ease. Stepping off the scale you wish that your doctor’s office would have chosen the hardwood plank look instead of the “We are about to cut you open and not clean the mess up from the floor” look. However, you continue to bravely move along.

You follow the nurse down a series of winding hallways. You pass nurses and doctors that all look alike and you are not sure if you are passing the same one. The flooring down the halls are the same cold, unfriendly white ceramic tile which is very sanitary. You know this because of the research you did before picking out a food bowl for your cat. The nurse ushers you into one of the rooms, closing the door behind you both. The bricked walls that should have been painted a calming faded blue is slathered in children’s hand prints of every color that burns the retina. “Please take a seat.” The nurse gestures to the long bed-like table. You climb on and nearly roll off. Sitting and waiting you stare at the floor, fascinated that the tile has changed to an old linoleum. There are stains and build up. You think to yourself that Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring recommended tile or luxury vinyl tile for medical offices. You come to the conclusion that the nurse put you in one of the old rooms where they do the messiest work. You are afraid now, but take comfort in the Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg articles you have read about medical flooring.

The next few minutes are a blur. You see a flash of a doctor, are allowed to speak for thirty seconds, but instead of talking about your symptoms you discuss medical flooring and how ceramic tile and luxury vinyl tile would have been the smart decision that they didn’t make. You are handed a paper with five prescriptions scribbled in gibberish on a special green sheet of paper and then shoved out the door towards the front desk. You are back on the amazing floor like carpet and you consider scratching your knee across the rough surface. The lady at the desk takes your money, you mention to her that ceramic tile would be better for the patients. She ignores you and hands you a stack of papers. Your medical flooring adventure is over.

I hope our story today helps our readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg understand the importance of flooring selection in the medial facilities. Patients’ lives are at stake and just one mistake can cost the entire medical facilities their jobs. The right thing to do when aware that your medical facility may have inappropriate flooring is to immediately call Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring and ask for ceramic tile or luxury vinyl tile. You will not be disappointed. Your patients will thank you.

This is the end of our adventure for a time, Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. Until next time, remember to cover your mouth.