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The Beginning

Where would the majority of people be without their beloved living rooms? It is difficult to imagine a time when we didn’t have them. Of course there were other versions of living rooms out there, but different than what we know as living rooms today. The term “living room” was first used in the 19th century, but existed way before that time. We are going to talk about forms of living rooms back before they were even referred to as living rooms. There were no couches, no televisions, nothing of what we have today.


Back in the 1600s what we know as living rooms were referred to as parlors. They were used to socialize and entertain guests. When people were over at someone’s house they were usually escorted by the maid to wait in the parlor for visiting. Parlors were also used for dining areas and was an incredibly formal setting. Another quirky little detail with parlors was the seating arrangements. There was only one chair among stools and the householder, which was always male, sat in what they referred to as “the great chair” while the guests perched on stools. Needless to say hierarchies were used in parlor seating.

The 17th Century

During the second half of the 17th century instruments, books, and games played a big part in parlors, kind of like television does for our modern day living rooms. Parlors became a place for relaxation and entertaining. Common furniture in the 1600s were upholstered chairs, large dining tables, pianos, games, and books especially the bible. It was a slow transition towards the advancement of the future. Parlors would soon have an addition to their area of socialization. Maybe if the biotch that came into our store today would look up more history on living rooms she would have a better attitude and her shelf butt would deflate.

Drawing Rooms

Something shifted in the 1700s and it was the dawning of the drawing room. Upper class families no longer had a single parlor in their homes. Now they had a drawing room which was used for formal entertainment whereas parlors were now oriented around family and relaxation. The furniture for drawing rooms were not much different than when they were in parlors. Chairs, pianos and such remained in the drawing rooms while parlors were less formal.

Decline of Formality

Once the 1850s came into play it was no longer the norm to eat in the living room. We are not sure when the terms finally switched over, but alas, here we are. Connecting dining rooms were attached to living rooms in newer built homes. Slowly but surely the home was taking shape into the style of our modern living rooms. Traditional decor started arriving in living rooms such as carpets, rugs, and window shutters. Upholstered sofas and coffee tables (see our previous article on the history of coffee tables), musical instruments and books.

Minimalistic Design

The 1900s turned the formal living rooms into a minimalist style. Craftsmen were more focused on the design of the furniture than the room itself. There was now more variety in furniture. Early 20th century living rooms were still pretty formal in theory but less so than previous designs. Technology was also making an appearance at this time in the form of radios. Families would gather in the living rooms and around the radio listening to their favorite stations. Later, society would become a LOT less formal and living rooms followed suit. Televisions became the centerpiece for living rooms and depending on the size of the house dining in the living rooms became more common again. Comfort became the priority in the modern living room.

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