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Does it ever seem to you Hattiesburgians that you just can’t seem to shake certain people? Well, today you are in for the heartbreaking news that we at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are just those people. Congratulations! We are your number one fans. Yes, that means it is time for another round of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. We are here at your leisure, disposal, or whatever fancy and elaborate word you would like to use, we are here for you Hattiesburg!

Wild’s Cabinet and Flooring like to make our customers’ cabinets look the absolute best whether it be in their kitchens, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, man caves, whatever. And we can’t do that without mentioning the effects that excellent lighting has on custom cabinets. Shadows, highlights, style, design–all of it makes or breaks your cabinets. There are all kinds of lighting options that will fit the unique style and design of your custom cabinets. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will offer their infallible expertise in lighting even to those who did not get their cabinets custom made from us. However, for those of you who did use your brain and came to Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring for your superior custom cabinets we give a discount on our consultation fees with a free tee-shirt (tee-shirts limited and may be gone soon so come quickly and get your information about the best lighting for your cabinets while they last.)

Just like custom cabinets there are more options for lighting than we can mention on Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, but we will take a select few to discuss on today’s issue that we hope will broaden your cabinet lighting horizon. If not, please feel free to call us at our shop at (601) 795-0305 or message us on Facebook or send us an email. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The most common custom cabinet our customers come in looking for are the classic styles and designs which makes a great clean palate for lighting. With classically built custom cabinets our customers really can have their pick of the litter when it comes to lighting. Whether it be modern, elegant, retro, or classic, any lighting style and design would look amazing! The bell shaped fixtures can be found in every home at some point. Depending on the color and texture these classic lighting fixtures work well in kitchens, off-setting the magnificent shine to your classic custom kitchen cabinets. The bell shaped fixtures can come in hanging, wall-mounted, or ceiling mounted styles for whatever will fit your kitchen and cabinets the best.

Rustic chic or shabby chic was and has been large in the home decor and remodeling department for a few seasons and even though it seems to be dwindling slightly on its way out like everything, there are still major fans for this trend and Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring are getting requests for the rustic style custom kitchen cabinets. Like the classic cabinet styles the rustic style is not difficult to find a wonderful match for lighting. Heavy metals and raw designs seem to fit this lighting style. The “homemade” look is common with rustic chic kitchen cabinets. With just a finished or unfinished board attach whatever hanging light fixtures from it and there you have rustic chic lighting for your custom kitchen cabinets. It’s really a simple concept custom cabinets Hattiesburg. They are you cabinets and you have the freedom to choose whatever lighting your over analytical minds can conjure up.

For the modern kitchen owners, odds are you have the glossy undetailed custom kitchen cabinets which we did an article on not too long ago (check out “Red Gloss Cabinets). Lighting can be a little more tricky with modern custom kitchen cabinets than the others. For instance, mixing rustic chic with modern will up the odds of blowing Great Aunt Edna’s mind come Thanksgiving. Not everyone’s irises can take that kind of atrocious image. However, modern with a little bit of elegant would work beautifully. Just imagine your modern kitchen cabinets, their glossy candy apple sheen, the smooth black cement counter tops, and tile floor. Now picture a glamorous sparkling silver chandelier with tiny teardrop crystals dangling off intricately threaded cords set in the middle of your kitchen. How much more do your cabinets glow and steal the show?! What a little bit of thought and strategy in choosing our lighting can do to pull together your kitchen.

Elegant or sophisticated cabinets can work with modern fixtures, as well as rustic chic. By combing the elegance with rustic chic you are creating a custom kitchen cabinets environment that is not only beautiful and elegant, but relaxing and cozy. Your dinner guests will not only feel at home, but be genuinely impressed by the humble glamour of your kitchen. Pearly white elegant kitchen cabinets underneath the silky beams of a light fixture that belongs in a barn is enough to set anyone’s brains on fire…in a good way.

If you have absolutely no idea how to style and decorate your home then Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring can oblige. We offer services to fit every one of our customers’ needs. Our designers can sit down with you and discuss what it is you are looking for and together you can both create the perfect custom kitchen cabinets and lighting fixtures to make your kitchen, bathroom, or office be the room of your dreams. Your family will thank you. Lives have been changed from simply doing these few things with Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring. Our concern is for our customers and their happiness and health.

For more information regarding the art of light fixtures and custom cabinets, please call us at (601) 795-0305 or send us an email.  Do not forget to check out our website and our page on Facebook, Wild’s Cabinets. We would love to hear from you. Most of our information is on our Facebook page and we accept messages from Facebook Messenger. We want to give you the best custom kitchen cabinets, custom cabinets Hattiesburg!