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Kitchen Designs

A time has gone by since we have talked about kitchen designs. Summer is upon us and the time has come when people are going to want to remodel their kitchens. Fresh and clean looks are in for the summer. One particular inspiration decoration has been fruit, lemons in particular. Lemons are the depiction of a fresh, clean kitchen. Not to mention that lemons are a big hit for this season. Today we are going to be talking about different fresh kitchen designs.

California Fresh

California kitchen designs are clean lined and bright. From white to pastel walls enhancing the effects of sunlight coming through broad windows over looking a spacious, porcelain sink, to the natural wood flooring, a California kitchen design takes the basics and turn them into a cheery fresh space. A granite island is the center of the kitchen and doubles as a breakfast bar lined with simple wood bar stools. A bright unobtrusive light fixture dangles from the painted medium height ceiling casting a pale, but broad light over the middle of the island. Appliances are up to date, but simple.

50’s Design

A lot of home owners are going back to basics with the simplicity and snazz of the kitchens back in the 50s. Only furnished with the basics, but with rich color and design, a 50s design adds just enough punch to make the creative individual happy. For a while the 50s appliances were a big thing in most department stores. Candy apple red appliances were everywhere. Hardly anyone could find a simple appliance. For a summer 50s designed kitchen the walls are a bright white that contrasts greatly against the deep color of the appliances. Flooring is typically tile and neutral. In this design the appliances are the main focus.

Simply Country

Years ago the country fad was enormous. Chickens and roosters littered homes everywhere along with old milk glasses and stuffed dolls and rabbits. A country kitchen these days is a little different. Wide spaced kitchen with a light blue wall and white framed windows letting in the natural light over a homemade grey table with yellow flowers in a green glass vase in the center. A beige stone counter top accents a large stainless steel sink. Ceilings are high with natural wood peeking through the finish.

Beach Natural

There is always something refreshing and clean about a beach cottage kitchen. The space is white, bright, and homey with beige and blue accents. Natural light ash brown cabinets and stone counter tops circle the smaller space. Turquoises pieces are speckled throughout the kitchen–hand towels, seashells, and sea glass. Appliances are light colored, the bar stools wooden with macrame seating. Ceiling to floor windows line the kitchen with a view of the whipping blue waters against the shore. A sea foam colored rounded light fixture is suspended close to the natural wood ceiling.


Not many people think of city living to be simple and fresh, especially during the summer months. But in this issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring want to show our readers how an apartment kitchen can achieve the same level of beautiful simplicity. Multicolored bricks painted in whites and beige sets off the sandy theme of the kitchen. High wooden beams suspend dangling pale green glass tear drop lights over a thick legged white washed table. Two massive ceiling to floor windows flank either side of the kitchen allowing a healthy wave of sunlight to stream through. The flooring is a light colored tile that captures the flecks of beige in the bricks.

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