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Good morning readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring has some exciting news for you today! We have a new fluffy member of the family. Her name is Rocket Wynni and she is a miniature Australian Shepherd mix harboring a family of flees that I can’t seem to catch. On another note, self-tanner should always be used with a tanning mitt to keep from clumping your product around your skin. Also, when they say exfoliate and moisturize…they are liars. Also, if you are very pale the product will seem to go on green. Do not panic. It will turn brown eventually.

Doggie Spaces

From the news above our readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg should have expected the content of today’s article. Yes, we are going to be discussing how to incorporate canine habitation and amenities into your human home. In today’s age there are so many ways we can make puppy happy while still maintaining a great looking, clean home. In this article you should come away with an understanding of the ways you can make it work with your new tail wagging friend. Or in our case, nub wagging. So keep reading!

Living Room

The family room can’t be a family room without poochy being able to participate as well. It is common knowledge that dog beds will make most dogs happy, but will it fit in your stylish home? Probably not. In modern doggie design there are many pieces of furniture, also custom, that can make both humans and poochy happy such as ottomans and storage benches. You can also customize a space built into the wall or a piece of furniture that can accommodate a doggie bed or couch. You and poochy will thank yourself for making that decision. What about the kitchen?


People tend to find it more of a challenge to incorporate a canine space in the place where they eat. Not everyone is entirely comfy with their little pup eating at the table, and really neither is the pup. Finding healthy bowls is the first step to creating a nice eating space for doggie. Stainless steel and porcelain is the best material for a dog dish because both harbor very little bacteria and are easily cleaned. Plastic is the worst material for a feeding dish. It harbors the most bacteria, if not welcoming it. Plus, plastic does not hold up as well as the other materials.

Laundry Rooms

Why would Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring be bringing up laundry rooms in an article about making your home pet friendly? A lot of homes these days are incorporating built in canine wash stations in their laundry room. A built in wash station will make keeping your dog clean loads easier. The money spent will be worth the time saved as well as the convenience. No one really wants to bathe their dog in the same place where they bathe their own bodies, especially when little doggie decides to hop through sewage.


What’s wrong with letting our dogs sleep in the bed with us? Well, nothing unless you are ridiculously allergic to their dander. So you are allergic to your beloved pet, but you also want them in the bedroom with you at night. What can you do that does not include the dog bed sticking out like a sore thumb? Check out the beginning where we talked about living rooms. The same principle can be applied in bedrooms as well. There are all kinds of furniture that double as a doggie bed. Your bedroom can look great and your doggie will be thrilled.

Outside Amenities

Dogs were made to be outside, running around and pretending to be wild wolves, preying on unsuspecting squirrels, rolling in dooky–it is a dog’s dream of a perfect day. Add to that unlimited people and cat foods of their choice. How can we made outdoors more stylish while still keeping poochy happy? Double a green house with a dog house. In the winter your dog will thank you. Create a built in space on your deck similar to those in the living room and bedroom. Make sure when getting ready for spring gardening that you pick plants that are not poisonous to dogs and cats.

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Not all social media is from the devil. Some of it if used properly by fully neurologically functioning adults can benefit greatly from the use of social media platforms. For instance Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring uses for their promotion of their business and to stay connected with their customers. Go to right now and like and follow Wild’s Cabinets. You will be so glad that you did. We offer weekly deals and info about our newest shipments. We also have a review section for our customers to tell us how they liked working with Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring.

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