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Dear Lord of all that is good and holy, readers of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. This afternoon has been a modicum away from hell. Chaos at its finest. Yes, that includes our newest bundle of furry joy, Mina. How is one human being supposed to keep up with work, animals, and other people’s responsibilities all at one time? A cloning machine. That will do wonders if there were just more of me that would do exactly what I would tell them to do with no free will. That actually sounds horrifying now that I really think about it.


How can home remodeling work as a destressor? Everyone has some kind of stress in their lives and if you do not, according to my once upon a time college psychology instructor, you are not challenging yourself enough. Personally, I think some of us are being challenged too much and need a freakin break. Some people, mostly men, discover that they distress when they work on things. Home remodeling can provide similar results to some people like reading and not moving from my bed does for me. Let us not forget the hordes of cheese and olives on the desk.

Tearing Things Apart

One method of destressing includes a more aggressive type. Demolition brings great job to some individuals. Breaking things and tearing things apart in a productive manner can provide great stress relief in individuals who have a lot of pent up anger and stress in their minds and bodies. I am sure it can be explained in more depth however, I was not blessed to further my education like some people are. But my guess would be that being able to exert the kind of physical force upon something that requires destructive measures to be completed.

Putting Things Together

A lot of people find putting things together to be emotionally relaxing and satisfying. For instance, designing a space and engaging the process of putting it all together can be quite mentally relaxing, mostly for women. Some men find this a great way to relax as well and feel a sense of accomplishment. This method gives people a visual to go along with their sense of accomplishment and destressing. If you are anything like me and are in desperate need of your home to be remodeled then remodeling your home will put an end to a LOT of stress.

Cleaning It Up

My mother is a prime example of what these people are like. When stress gets the best of them they clean. Even if things are as clean as they could possibly be, they still clean. It gives people a false assurance that they are in control of their lives and their circumstances and therefore it temporarily relieves some of the stress coursing through their bodies. However, this is not a permanent method of stress reducing since it does not target the main cause of the stress. Learning to handle stress and how to react to life’s less savory times is the best way to go.


Maybe planning a home remodeling gig is more of your destressing style. Some people feel better when they are sitting there and using their creative juices to plan a new theme for a space while other people actually execute the plan. Home designers are an example of people who probably destress in this way. They can rest while they go into a creative portion of their brains and let the cares of the day and week slip away for a moment. Writers are another example of this type of destressor.

Writing About It

The home remodeling world wouldn’t be as big as it is if it were not for people who blog and vlog and film–you name it–about their home remodeling endeavors. How do you think HGTV got started? People love hearing about other people’s home remodeling adventures. This is where writers can destress. They take time to sit down and write about the events of their home remodeling projects while other people can benefit from this form of destressing. Some people are adding a touch of photojournalism to their destress writing and people are making it big with their little projects as a plus.

Social Media

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