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Coffee Tables

We may have written an article or two on the subject of coffee tables. A long time ago the had purpose, but these days most people just have them in their houses for looks and a place to add more decorations. Like our previous articles we are going to delve into the history behind the coffee table and maybe gain a wider understanding about the pieces of furniture we have grown up with in our homes. Perhaps we can learn a little something about human creativity along the way.

History of the Iconic Coffee Table

Upon further research, I discovered that the history of coffee tables is uncertain. There are several sources that say a few different things and not many of them have proof of their claims. However, for the sake of this article we are going to present a few of the statements and information pools we came across. Take this information with a warning that these are simple claims made throughout history and not all of it may be accurate. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring renounce all responsibility concerning the legitimacy of the historical statements made in this article and any other articles that have been and will be written.

Stuart Foote 1920

Okay, so the guy’s name is “Foote.” Apparently Stuart Foote was the guy responsible for inventing the coffee table. What had happened was Mrs. Foote was hosting a dinner party, as people loved to do back in the twenties, and her husband was helping her with the seating arrangements for her guests. Seeing that there was not going to be any place for the guests to place their coffee while seated in certain areas Stuart Foote invented the coffee table that gets its name from the low height that allows guests to comfortably sit their coffee on.

The British, As Always

Another source (and there is always another source) states that the invention of the coffee table dates way back before the 1920s. According to this source, E.W. Godwin (which is weird, because my tree is full of Godwins and my great grandfather was an E.W. Just saying.) in 1868 invented the first coffee table. This would have been in the late Victorian era. We are not sure, but some of the inspiration may have come from the Ottoman Empire and dates further back than these.


First of all, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as “Anglo-Japanese.” Secondly, of course the British would have gotten their inspiration from the Japanese. They were famous for the traditional sit-down at gorgeous low tables and with history the way it was, a lot of Japanese style was bound to influence the British and American peoples. Anglo-Japanese design was popular in Britain in the 1800s. Reference the movie “The Last Samurai.” There are some hints of Anglo-Japanese design in there if you pay attention. If you are interested in the Japanese style coffee tables do some research and check them out!

Modern Coffee Tables

Today coffee tables represent more of style purpose than an actual purpose. People have invented many different types of tables and pieces of furniture since then that serve the purpose of seating coffee. Not only are there Anglo-Japanese style coffee tables, but there are coffee table styles that are unique and ca represent our own home designs. You can go to a place like Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring to get a custom built coffee table or you can whip over to a store like Hobby Lobby and buy one already made up. It’s just that simple.

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