Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg | Coffee Cabinets Pt II

What a wonderfully wet afternoon is has been for another issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! The love bugs have taken a temporary leave of absence until the sun comes out and scorches the land once again leaving us with the plague of old rust scented insects. In our last issue we started the discussion about the coffee epidemic and how its effects have drifted over into the flooring and cabinets making industry. However rant filled our previous article may have been, this issue will hopefully be more informative to our customer and more relevant to the topic, but there are no promises.

As yours truly stated before, the Concord Collection is what started our discussion about coffee themed cabinets and we briefly mentioned just a few styles such as Espresso, Pearl Chocolate, Pearl Mocha, and Pearl Vanilla. I can just hear the drool dripping from you gaping face holes at the thought of of these names washing over your taste buds. Usually, coffee fanatics would flood the local coffee shops and spend hundreds of dollars on a liquid that is just going to suppress an important brain chemical called adenosine that is responsible for making us feel tired only for the effects of caffeine to wear off and leave our adenosine receptors freaking out and making us even more exhausted than before. And that’s not even mentioning the detrimental effects caffeine has on even more important brain chemicals such as dopamine. But I digress…

Concord’s espresso, which Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring can create even better for Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg readers, is a beautifully rich dark brown with a hint, in my humble opinion, of purple underlay in the brown. You can practically smell the coffee fumes steaming off the wood. Resembling melted chocolate more than espresso, this particular cabinet color and style looks fabulous in any home, especially for you own personal coffee station which is what Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring recommends.

For a more retro look in your kitchen or coffee station, Pearl Chocolate styles cabinets would change up your look drastically, adding class with a hint of sugary comfort. Sounds a lot like a white chocolate mocha if you ask me…(I’m aware no one did.) The Pearl Chocolate color is the color of old milk trimmed in Hersey syrup, or black licorice, whatever floats your boat. Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg would do well to get Pearl Chocolate cabinets for your kitchen or coffee station to add instant retro sophistication and class to your home, not to mention your subconscious coffee fix every time you look at your cabinets.

If you want a more exaggerated look to your Pearl Chocolate then fret not because there is a Pearl Mocha that looks just like Pearl Chocolate only more coffee-y in its appearance. Instead of the black trim there is a delicious dark brown trim that instantly reminds one of cinnamon sticks in their Chai Tea latte (not coffee, but always found in coffee shops all over the country). Pearl Mocha is more of a modern twist to a classy retro sophisticated kitchen or coffee station…if that is at all possible.

Last but certainly not least is the Pearl Vanilla for those coffee drinkers who typically stray away from the hard stuff (death wish) and espressos and run more towards more chill caffeine fixes such as lattes and cafe aules (the one everyone knows how to pronounce, but can never spell.) Pure white the color of melted vanilla bark bits, Pearl Vanilla will work splendidly for those of our customers who are more of the bland, careful sort. We don’t want to blow your minds too hard with anything crazy. If you want simple dependable coffees that satisfy the craving, but leaves very little effects than you want Pearl Vanilla. Vanilla still holds its own in the taste department. Never mind those nay sayers who speak against vanilla, the first pure flavoring. Vanilla and chocolate can co exist peacefully with each other without any discrimination. Just ask your stomach. I highly doubt coffee professionals would ever turn down a vanilla latte because of its lack of chocolate. True coffee lovers appreciate all kinds of coffees.

The coffee collection of cabinet colors is no different. All are beautiful and lovely in their own way and would look amazing in any home, adding an instant face lift to you kitchen or coffee station. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring will work with our customers to produce for them the perfect coffee themed cabinets and coffee station. As always we encourage our customers to come prepared with their ideas and dreams ready to effectively discuss with our professional and intensely skilled builders to get the best kitchen cabinets we can give our customers. If you are one of our introverted or socially anxious customers Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring offer a variety of ways to get in touch with us. You can come see us at our home base located in the deep south of Mississippi in the humble and friendly town of Poplarville. If you would rather not come all that way or just are not in the mood to look at human beings then please call us at (601) 795-0305 and one of our staff, if not the wonderous Greg Wild will answer and begin the coffee cabinet making process. If you are more on the extreme side like myself and would rather speak in the company of cats than to human beings, Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring encourages you to email us through out website or shoot us a message though Facebook messenger where we also have a page Wild’s Cabinets. Our Facebook page is where we advertise all of our deal and newest shipments. We may or may not have awesome daily deals, but you will need to check daily all day and leave a wonderful review.

Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg is privy to the special treatment that Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring offers and that is us treating you like the lovely paying customers you are. That is all for this issue of Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg! Stay tuned for next time!