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Bright Spaces

To continue our talks on home design and interiors today we are going to be discussing some characteristics of bright spaces and why home owners are leaning more towards this type of look. Like we have been noting in most of our articles simplicity is where home owners are going these days. The less fuss the better. Minimalism is the theme a lot of people are wanting for their lives and for their homes as well. Bright clean spaces and simple furnishings.

Characteristics of Bright Spaces

The name speaks for itself. Bright spaces or interiors are noted specifically for, well being bright. Light and airy wall colors, plenty of windows flooding in natural light, natural greenery–these are really the three main components for a bright space. Traditionally white or any of its friendly neighbors are the going colors for walls. Dark colors will only diminish the light and bright space. Pastels can work as well, but be careful. This is one home design you want to overthink in terms of saturation and brightness. Remember, windows are your best friend.


Windows are not always something that are in our control. At times, yes some home owners have the means to go for a full on renovation and add and replace windows. But what about those who are on a budget? What can home owners do about windows with what they have? This is another reason for the wall color to come into play. White is a natural light reflector. In photography white reflectors are used to bounce light to the subject and create the illusion that more light than what actually is available is on them. So in a way white walls will create the illusion of more bright light in a space. But if you could get windows that would be awesome.

Greenery Decor

One of the most common essentials in decorating a light and white home design layout is greenery. Plants, plants, and more plants! Succulents, desert plants, are a big thing when it comes to decorating a simple and bright space. The main thing to remember when decorating for this kind of space is natural and simple. Color is not going to come from walls and flooring. Plants are a natural and fresh way to add color to a bright space without overwhelming the simplicity of the theme.


The most common plants that home owners are going crazy over are succulents and cacti. These plants fall into the minimalist way of life. They require very little attention and care and can be grown in virtually anything. Desert plants have natural air purifying abilities and at the same time add some flare and color to a desaturated space. Yours truly have a set of succulents. The state of my space has improved greatly since these desert fellas have come to our dwelling. I highly suggest these plants for a bright space decor.


Natural state of wood furnishings and whatnot are beautiful in a bright space. Bright and airy light work wonderful with wood. The shabby chic home design that was taking the world by storm incorporated wood in its natural state and the trend has been passed down to the simplistic bright space home design. Wood is a great way to neutralize a piece of flashy decor. Be careful how much wood you add to your bright space. Too much can lead to a country theme rather than a simple one. As simple as a country theme could be the two themes are technically completely different from each other.

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