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Wilds cabinets and flooring gear for looking for custom cabinets Hattiesburg for looking for cabinets in Hattiesburg. We want you to be sure to not forget to check with wilds cabinets. We are located in Poplarville, but we serve the Hattiesburg area. We happily serve the Hattiesburg area. We also happily serve Picayune, Mississippi and Wiggins, Mississippi with kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets in Picayune and Wiggins Stone, County Poplarville Hattiesburg we’re happy to serve all these areas with custom cabinets and prefab cabinets to give you top notch service high quality service, the best service you Can possibly look for when it comes to purchasing your kitchen cabinets or getting the installation done? Have your kitchen cabinets we’re happy to oblige you and serve you and that compacity? We want you to remember that you can always contact wild cabinets by going to our website and thats wilds, and you can also call us on our phone number, Our phones are for standing by at 601-795-0305, so be sure to give us a call, be sure to check with us bring us some prints by or send us a sketch of what kind of cabinets you may be wanting a price for, and we’re always happy to Get you a price estimate you’ll be surprised at how fordable Custom Cabinets can be. If you don’t have the budget for Custom Cabinets, but you still need the cabinets. We want you to not buy Paso. She want you to still check with us cuz. We offer prefab cabinets at competitive rates. We can be extremely competitive when it comes to price because of our low overhead and we keep low margins on these products.

We’Ve been talking a little bit about some of the options that are available when it comes to ordering prefab cabinets and some of the specifications of how these custom cabinets Hattiesburg cabinets are constructed. We want you to understand that you do have options when it comes to prefab and that you can get these cabinets delivered to you within a short amount of time for a quick turnaround which is ideal for contractors in a side deal in situations where you need cabinets Quickly so that you can get your jobs done and collect your money as quickly as possible for your contractors. So we talked about some of the options at the corner, cabinets and things like that is the uppers and wine wine cabinets, and things like that.

Now we’re going to go on and they are some open display, cabinets available if you were going to do like an entertainment center with bookcases. That’S a couple options that you do have as well. These cabinets come in different heights from 6054 and 48 in * 12. In deep with the furniture balance on the top and these match the door styles of the cabinets that you can also order, one of the other options you can get is a hood vent to match its just known as the hood or a beaded who it is, Got a piece of beadboard on the front of it, and this is this – is going to be just with the above a stove, and you can install your hood vent system and that, of course, all The Feelers are available and matching in panels are always going to Be available for the size of the cabins, if you want to dress him up, if you want to dress him up and make a match a little bit fancier, you can always use these in panels. That will come to your base cabinets how to use the options that are going to be available for your custom cabinets Hattiesburg is going to be the base Pantry pull out. This is like a spice rack. You can use this for a spice rack or put some can goods on it available in a 9 and 12 inch cabinets, and it is just a single door. Pull out with three fix shells does include the soft close, so he’s going to have a nice smooth function on these nice light side. Mount drawer, Glides is going to open and close a spice rack. You also have your standard basis and, of course, there’s a new two drawer base. That’S available. That’S definitely a nice addition to this line because you can get into nice pot drawers. It’S really popular right now for people to put the two drawer cabinets and get to depop drawer pot drawers. Now these are available on a 27, 30 and 33 in with cabinets, and that’s going to make a nice addition to just line to be able to get those pot drawers in there. That’S available all the colors as well course. You have your three drawer base and then also just like we have the microwave cabinet with trim kit. I disable the available for to accommodate a trim. Kit on the upper cabinets have also added one. That’S got the trim kit option to fit a trim kit for the base microwave cabinet with a full with drawer in the bottom, and this is made to accommodate the microwaves with the trim. Kids want to check your clearances in specifications on that course. We do have the regular Lazy, Susan they’re. Also new product is going to be the easy reach cabinet. That is basically just a lazy. Susan cabinet, with just a shelf, doesn’t have the Lazy Susan spin around in it, but it’s got the Shelf in it so that you can you can access that corner and access that corner shelf that’s available at 33 and a 36. So that’s a pretty good option. There too course you can have your diagonal Corner sink base is also available. I’M in your standard sink bases are available and also a new item for the cabinets. Then Hattiesburg is going to be the farmhouse sink base, Farmhouse Sinks, check out google for some examples. It risen in popularity over the last few years.

We see them pretty much standard now, man, this prefab line of Heritage, is offering a farmhouse sink base to accommodate that and it’s available on a 3633 or 39. So that’s a good good option to have your Corners. You going to still have your basic Corners like you’re, lazy, Susan corner of your blind base corner for your cabinet and then just like with the upper cabinets with their return angle, return cabinet, that’s also available on a matching base cabinet the same way it’s like having It says just having a butt finished in with an end panel. It does make an angle back towards the wall to be able to give you access to the end of that cabinet, and just kind of Clips back to the wall makes a nice Bowl finished and we’re all of your base. Fillers are available and your dishwasher in panels, and then, of course, you can always put matching base in panels. This is going to be raised panels to be able to add to the ends of the cabinets, to be able to dress them up and make them look. Just a little bit fancier slide-out shelves are also available as an option for most size, cabinets and waste basket. Inserts or pull out pull out of trash cans are going to be available available in a lot of the different cabinet sizes. You have to make sure that they fit and we can definitely help you with that when it comes to talk evidence regarding discussed a little bit about that. But you do have your utility cabinets and your oven cabinets and, of course you have all the bookcases and matching panels to be able to work with all that too. When it comes to vanities. There’S a few options when it comes to vanity cabinets. We’Re running out of time here today will try to discuss those options on the next ship, because you have a few different sizes that are available to you for your Custom, Cabinets or prefab cabinets in Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg. I want to make sure that you’re able to get in touch with us anytime that you need to to begin working on your kitchen cabinets and whether it be Custom Cabinets Hattiesburg or prefab cabinets, But be sure to call us on her phone number I’ll. Give you that number now it is 601-795-0305 also. You can check with us on our website at the wilds and then, of course you can always do a Google search. You can search for custom cabinets Hattiesburg to find our website and can also, if you’re, in Picayune or Poplarville. You can just look for website or look for a Google Business review for cabinets.