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Good afternoon Hattiesburg! It is another beautiful day in South Mississippi for custom cabinets Hattiesburg and Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring wants to make it even better. Even though we are in the heat of August, Fall is just around the corner and with that comes smokey chimneys, hot chocolates, and crunchy leaves. The warm, comforting colors that carpet the landscape during the Fall months is a favorite among many, especially in the areas of the country that are fortunate enough to not reach a minimum temperature of Hell degrees. What does this have to do with cabinets and flooring? Everything! As soon as that first taste of crisp, cool autumn air blows in people everywhere are bitten by the bug of change. The drop in humidity and heat gives birth to a new wind of refreshing energy, and what happens when people are refreshed and happy? Inspiration strikes hard against the cranium of every living creature. Thus the time for custom cabinets Hattiesburg!

Rich colors of rust, turmeric, and sepia envelop us in what one would call the palate of autumn. Suddenly our bright pastels reflective of beach pastimes and summer glory days are growing stale and grotesque against the new fall scenery outside our windows. We take down the seashells and boats, and stash away the proud statues of ceramic roosters and multicolored birds strategically posed in “natural” birdlike positions. Time to break out the boxes from the attic filled with our favorite squirrel coffee mugs no one is allowed to drink out of and the plastic fall leaf wreathes and wooden vintage wall decorations with cozy sayings such as “Thankful” and “Blessed.” Let’s not forget those who celebrate the forbidden holiday of Halloween who bust out with deep blacks, oranges, and the ever clashing purple. Homes are in chaotic disarray trying to set up their pumpkins and witches and zombie appendages. What is worse is that among the hustle and bustles of season decoration change is discovering your old and outdated custom cabinets Hattiesburg. What do you do when every stick of fall decor is perfect, but your drab cabinets are draining the potential of what your home could be? You begin your perilous search for new custom cabinets Hattiesburg.

Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring understands the stress of the holidays and the ever changing of home decorations to please family and our insecurities. This is why our business is reaching out to you, Hattiesburg. We know how painfully difficult it can be to set up a home with the downer of old cabinets and flooring getting in the way which is why we can help you. Our expertise is in custom cabinets Hattiesburg and our vast selection of flooring. As we have discussed in our previous articles (I highly suggest reading those prior to this to prevent getting lost) Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring make sure we stay with the times and stock with not only traditional looks, but all the latest trends. For those of our customers who idolize the Gains family, we can cater to your desperate need to stylize your custom cabinets Hattiesburg to look as if Chip and Joanna had personally visited your home. Yes, we too are aware of the HGTV epidemic.

Our staff here at Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring loves to work with our customers when it comes to deciding on new cabinets and flooring. Along with your ideas we will present our own professional suggestions on what you really want your home to look like. Custom cabinets Hattiesburg is ultimately what we want our customers to walk into our shop and desire, but we would be honored for our customers to also leave with new flooring headed their way as well. New cabinets can only go so far. Imagine the wheel of fate has determined that it is your turn to host Thanksgiving this year. You have the perfect fall decorations that consist of a not so gaudy combo of autumn leaves draped along every doorway, a few jack-o-lanterns creeping in every corner of the house, and a couple of elaborately framed paintings of the falsely  documented peace treaty between the Pilgrims and Native Americans. You even have your brand new perfectly customized, professionally built and painted or stained cabinets on display for all to see. But what’s this? Your great aunt Edna who has a crack in her hip stumbles over the split and raising nicotine yellow linoleum floor that was installed somewhere in the late seventies and falls head first into the delicious plum pudding your entitled cousin Sally worked so hard to buy from the grocery store and splatters all over your new and expensive frock you got on sale at Belk. Not to mention the awkwardness of your guests afraid to sit on the living room carpet that has developed a new strain of fungi. Your custom cabinets Hattiesburg just was not enough to save Aunt Edna from shattering the residual bone in her hip, let alone the emotional trauma cousin Sally will now have to spend thousands of dollars on a therapist to recover from the loss of her store bought plum pudding. Thanksgiving has officially been ruined.

What if I told you that this fall family holiday disaster could have been easily avoided with just one step? Wild’s Cabinets offers their variety of flooring to not only help make your home look stunning for the autumn months, but save lives such as imaginary Aunt Edna’s shattered pelvis. Wild’s Cabinets and Flooring provides staff that will be thrilled to usher you around and introduce you to our lovely selection of flooring ranging from our new shipment of Daltile to our vinyl plank that we can hardly keep on the racks. We also have a selection of carpets to help out those of our customers who still walk over mustard yellow shag. We do not pressure our customers to purchase anything along with their custom cabinets Hattiesburg, but we do encourage new floor to prevent disasters such as these from happening. The safety of our customers is precious.

Call us at (601) 795-0305 for more information or come by and see us in Poplarville. Do not forget to check us out on Facebook and our site Prevention is the first step in executing a successful autumn. Do the right thing, Hattiesburg.